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A project page to track Tizen IVI fastboot activities. For the details of optimization, please check the wiki page of 'The Optimization of Automotive Fast Boot'.


"zypper in ico-uxf-*"

Performance Measurement

Measurement Method

It's necessary to apply appropriate methods and tools to measure time consuming of IVI system boot up procedure. Currently, bootchart, systemd and video analysis will be applied:

  • Bootchart is a tool for performance analysis and visualization of the GNU/Linux boot process. Resource utilization and process information are collected during the boot process and are later rendered in a PNG, SVG or EPS encoded chart. We can use systemd-bootchart to get the SVG charts in Tizen IVI.
  • systemd-analyze is a sub-tool of systemd package which used to analyze system boot-up performance.
  • Video analysis. Because of time gap existing, such as monitor needs time to warm up and initialization to show desktop, the data collected by systemd-analyze and bootchart cannot represent boot up time consuming accurately, especially in millisecond level. And the real boot up time is from power key pressed to desktop shown on monitor. Record the whole procedure in video, and analyze time elapsed between start frame to end frame is a direct way to achieve this target.

How to use bootchart

As systemd has integrated bootchart, we can use this feature directly.

  • Add 'init=/usr/lib/systemd/systemd-bootchart' in kernel boot parameter
  • Reboot Tizen IVI system, get the bootchart svg file from /run/log folder, and browser it in explorer.

How to use systemd-analyze

How to analyze video

  • Using a camera to record the whole procedure from power key pressed to desktop shown on monitor. The camera rate should be larger than 20fps.
  • Using video analysis tool to count the time consuming
    • Locate the frame that shows LED (in BB board) lighten up as the start frame.
    • Locate the frame that shows the desktop on the monitor as the end frame.


ID Status
TIVI-1582 Focus on getting plain homescreen to meet the target.
TIVI-1208 Looking into using pslash.
TIVI-1415 Part of TIVI-1582 work.
TIVI-893 Part of TIVI-1582 work.
TIVI-1581 New requirement. Not planned.
TIVI-892 Not active.
TIVI-894 No progress. Focus on getting plain homescreen to meet the target.


Status ID Comments
CLOSED TIVI-1569 Fixed in gummiboot v36. IVI integration pending due to Aug M2 freeze. Needs Tracy to act.
CLOSED TIVI-1724 Blocking measurements. Mikko has a fix available. Will submit to ico-uxf-homescreen.
CLOSED TBD-14 Fixed in the latest Tizen systemd. IVI integration pending due to Aug M2 freeze. Needs Tracy to act.


udev, weston-launch, fastboot BIOS

If fastboot BIOS is enabled, weston-launch fails with permission problems.

Add /etc/udev/rules/01-dri.rules with

SUBSYSTEM=="drm", MODE="0666", OPTIONS+="static_node=drm/card0"

To Be Checked

launch_app is slow

HomeScreen is started using launch_app. It looks launch_app slows things down.

EFI STUB kernel

See the time improvement if BIOS would load the kernel. This requires build-in Linux kernel cmdline and is not very feasible with the current image creation setup.