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Tizen Common Project

Strictly speaking, Tizen:Common is not a "vertical" profile. It's the common base for other profiles (IVI, Mobile, Wearable, TV and other forthcoming profiles).

It provides a common platform for developers and integrators.

The available software is split into several modules:

  • Base: The base system, including the usual system tools, connectivity and security
  • Wayland subprofile: Base + wayland, weston, crosswalk, Tizen web framework, in a pure wayland environment
  • Base-minimal: The core system reduced to its most simple look (no UI, ttys only)
  • Development tools: Toolchain, developer tools
  • QA tools: The specific QA tools for manual and unmanned tests

NB: it was named 'Tizen:Generic' until end of Q1 2014


Subject Speaker Event Media
Creating a profile from Tizen:Common Stéphane Desneux LinuxCon Europe 2014

Düsseldorf, October 2014

File:LinuxCon14 TizenCommon 20141015.pdf

Feature and Bug Tracking

All Features and Bugs for the Tizen Common project are tracked via our Tizen JIRA. More details on this is available in the following wiki pages (inc. workflow):

The Program Management team also maintains a continuously updated Tizen Common Dashboard page.

Reference Hardware

The actual list of reference devices consists of two subsets:

Images built for Intel platforms (i586 and x86_64) may be used by other SBCs (Single Board Computers) based on Intel processors.

How to install Tizen Common

Detailed instructions for the installer image are available here.

Tizen Common Emulator

You can refer to this wiki page Tizen Common Emulator to launch a Tizen Common Emulator.

Build configurations

Hardware Architectures

The packages and images are built for the following architectures:

  • x86_64 (Atom)
  • i586
  • armv7l
  • aarch64

Display Architectures

The display server is based on Wayland.

OBS Links

The Tizen:Common project is accessible on the public OBS server: Tizen Common Project

Available repositories:

Snapshot Images

The images are published on

The images are available in RAW format only (no liveusb, but they can still be flashed on USB sticks)

Flashing RAW images on USB stick

See Common_Install


See Common_QA


Tizen:Common is actively maintained by:

Feedback & contributions are welcome!