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General procedure

An automatic installer for Common and IVI image was made to simplify the installation of Tizen images (snapshot and prerelease): Get it from here.

This document describes manual installation that must be performed if your hardware is not supported by the automatic installer.

Tizen:Common is actually distributed as RAW images. They are available in different flavours on .

Creating a USB Stick

Using dd

To flash a RAW image, you can simply download the raw image (.bz2 file), uncompress it and copy it on a usb stick using dd:

 # BUILD_ID=tizen_2014MMDD.X    # <= replace by correct snapshot ID
 # DEVICE=/dev/sdX              # <= replace by the correct device: /dev/sda, /dev/sdb ...
 # wget -O -${BUILD_ID}/images/common-wayland-mbr-x86_64/${BUILD_ID}_common-wayland-mbr-x86_64-sda.raw.bz2 | bzip2 -d -c | dd of=${DEVICE} bs=4M
 # sync

But this can take a long time, depending on the stick you are using.

Using bmaptools

So we usually prefer to use bmaptools because it's much faster (5x at least):

 # BUILD_ID=tizen_2014MMDD.X
 # DEVICE=/dev/sdX
 # bmaptool copy ${BUILD_ID}_common-wayland-mbr-x86_64-sda.raw.bz2 ${DEVICE}

Alternatively, you can download and flash directly:

 # BUILD_ID=tizen_2014MMDD.X
 # DEVICE=/dev/sdX
 # bmaptool copy${BUILD_ID}/images/common-wayland-mbr-x86_64/${BUILD_ID}_common-wayland-mbr-x86_64-sda.raw.bz2 ${DEVICE}

Where /dev/sdX is a device file of the stick (eg. /dev/sdb).

Installing on HDD/SSD

Installation on hard drive is done from an usb memory flashed with a Tizen image. The following instructions are given for a VTC 1010 device. But can be valid for other devices of the same family such as VTC 7120-BK.

  • Insert the usb memory into the device you want to install Tizen on.
  • Boot the VTC 1010 device and press the del key to enter the bios setup.
    • Under Boot > Hard Drive BBS Priorities > Boot Option 1, select your usb device.
    • Ensure that under Boot > Boot Option 1 your usb key is selected, and under Boot > Boot Option 2 set Disable
    • Save your changes : Save & Exit > Save Changes and Exit and boot the device.
  • Install the bmaptool on your usb stick
# zypper ref
# zypper in bmap-tools

NB : Do not take care of pigz dependency

  • Flash the desired Tizen Common image on the hard drive for example :
# bmaptool copy /dev/sda
  • Reboot your target and enter the bios setup
    • Under Boot > Hard Drive BBS Priorities > Boot Option 1, select P0: INTEL ...
    • Save your changes : Save & Exit > Save Changes and Exit

The device should boot with the Tizen image you flashed.