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Connman ncurses aim to be a simple and interactive console UI for Connman.

Connman ncurses UI

The current UI available for ConnMan are either GUI (eConnMan, GTK based UI) or the command line tool connmanctl. Although connmanctl provides a console interface it is neither intuitive nor easy to use (but can be used in scripts). Connman ncurses is an alternative to GUI interfaces, it's handy if you don't have graphical toolkit installed or if you wish to configure connman through ssh.

The main keys of the Connman ncurses UI are:

  • Console-based UI
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight - few dependencies - run on any devices
  • Offers key services of connmanctl
  • Simple design so adding new features should be easily done

Every functionalities of Connman aren't available in connman ncurses.

This first version focus on functions you will likely use most:

  • Connection, disconnection of a service
  • Service configuration
  • Power control on technologies and OfflineMode
  • Remove saved data for a service (e.g. password)

Links for Connman ncurses UI:

Connman ncurses UI have been tested for ethernet and wifi.

UI preview

 Connman ncurses UI                       State: online      OfflineMode: false
│ Technologies:                                                                │
│                                                                              │
│ p2p      P2P (p2p)            Powered true           Connected false         │
│ ethernet Wired (ethernet)     Powered true           Connected true          │
│ wifi     WiFi (wifi)          Powered true           Connected false         │
│                                                                              │
 [INFO] 'd' to disconnect, 'p' to toggle Powered, 'o' to toggle OfflineMode
 [INFO] 'Return' for details, 'F5' to force refresh, ^C to quit, 'F1' for help