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Service Adaptor

Update: Deprecated since Tizen 3.0:

archive: Nowadays, various kinds of cloud services exist.
Until now, application developer must have developed server access modules for each service provider.
Service Adaptor is an abstraction module for these services and it provides uniform APIs to application.
The application is able to access multi-cloud storages using uniform APIs at the least of changing.

Cloudbox with Service Adaptor.jpg

Service Provider

The Service Provider is a Service Application that belongs to plugin on "Service Adaptor" architecture.
Service Provider provides standard oriented functions to Service Adaptor.
For service features (be abstracted by Service Adaptor; e.g. Auth, Storage, Contact, Message, Push, ...), there are a lot of providers exist, and their API depends on server, device profile or other environment.
If functions are provided by Service Provider API, applications can use the features of services consistently, regardless of service environment or provider.
Service Adaptor composes and applies functions, and provides high level APIs to application in Service Adaptor Client API form.

In Tizen 2.4, Service Provider APIs are not opened.
For testing and developing client application, the reference plugin packages will be available here.
For Tizen 3.0, we will provide a github for helping service developers develop reference plugins.

Service Provider : Downloadable Plugin

Service Provider is downloadable plugin that will be provided on Tizen 3.0.

For development, APIs and reference plugins will be opened.

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