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Tizen PASS


Tizen PASS is A Convergence Platform, for a better Multi-Device experience that works via broadcasting method.
There has been an increased support for various profiles and devices on Tizen.
As Tizen is a multi/cross platform, device integration will be the main factor of a fluid interface between devices.
Whether it is Mobile, Wearable, or TV the scalability and usability will be accessible.
This features is the "Tizen PASS" which cover Cross device User Experience & features of Tizen convergence service FW.


Tizen PASS

Tizen PASS was to imitate the way the humans communicate (Speak -> Listen -> Do) to each other.
So Tizen PASS supports 3-step (Toss -> Stream -> Act).


Toss API provides functions to send the data to other application between devices. The remote application can receive the data created by the function of your application using this API easily.


Stream API provides cross-device features for sharing the data in Stream. It provides the information of connected devices. Your application can get the toss data, the device state, and the device list using this API easily.


Act API provides functions to launch other applications between devices. Your application can launch remote application with the data using this API easily.


  • Tizen PASS was introduced in TDC(Tizen Developer Conference) 2015.
  • Tizen PASS APIs will be released on Tizen 3.0.