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Unified Storage System


Cloud storage services are becoming very common these days.
We all use at least 1 or more cloud storage services to upload, backup our personal content.
They are very easily accessible from our devices.
These services also provide lots of free space to us and helping us to save space in our devices.

For every storage service we use, we must install the application in our device.
Also managing content across the multi cloud service is difficult.
For example if we want to move a content from one cloud to another cloud. Its not straight forward.
Also we can not see all multi cloud content in one place.

In Tizen, you can use cloud services without above limitations through Unified Storage System. (since Tizen 2.4)


Cloudbox is a concept introduced in Tizen 2.4 which simplifies the way we are using Cloud Storage services.

The role of Cloudbox

Cloudbox manages user authentication for each service and creates file tree and thumbnails of cloud content in device.
It supports various file operations over the cloud content such as create, read, delete and so on.
Contents stored in device and cloud are synchronized periodically and their information are stored to DB by Cloudbox.


The components shown in blue color are cloudbox components. Components shown in grey color are plugin components.
Cloudbox has two functional layer inside.. The service adaptor layer and unified storage layer.
Service adaptor layer connects with external storage services through the plugins interface.
Unified storage layer provides common APIs to manage & cache the content locally.


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