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Crosswalk-tizen is HTML application runtime, built on open source foundations, which extends the web platform with new capabilities. It is considered to be the Crosswalk port for Tizen, based upon chromium-efl. Crosswalk-tizen is expected to replace Crosswalk in Tizen:Common in near future.

Unlike Crosswalk, in Crosswalk-tizen the dependency between the crosswalk-tizen and chromium-efl is removed.

Crosswalk-tizen is based upon webview abstraction layer (ewk API) exposed by chromium-efl. The benefit of this decoupling is that Crosswalk-tizen and the web engine can be changed or updated separately.

Remote Debugging

  • Execute app_launcher with option -d on the target to launch a HTML5 application in debug mode on Crosswalk-tizen.
sh-4.3# app_launcher --help
Usage : app_launcher [ OPTIONS... ] [ ARGS... ]
   -h                        --help              Display this usage
   -l                        --list              Display installed apps list
   -S                        --status            Display running apps list
   -s [tizen application ID] --start             Launch widget with tizen
application ID
   -k [tizen application ID] --kill              Kill widget with tizen
application ID
   -t [tizen application ID] --terminate         Terminate widget with
tizen application ID
   -r [tizen application ID] --is-running        Check whether application
is running by tizen application ID,
                                                 If widget is running,
0(zero) will be returned.
   -d                        --debug             Activate debug mode
  • The port for remote debugging will be printed in the console output on the target.
  • Back on the host, open a Chrome browser and open the address http://<Tizen target IP>:<port>. For example, if the IP address of the Tizen target is and the debug port is 9222, the URL to use would be

Compatibility between Crosswalk and Crosswalk-tizen

Unfortunately there is no backward compatibility for the existing Crosswalk extension. There are two main issues, that break the compatibility between tizen-extensions-crosswalk and crosswalk-tizen:

  • While tizen platform was being updated, and platform API changed, tizen-extensions-crosswalk was not being aligned together with these changes. Because of that, tizen-extentensions-crosswalk does not even build based on current platform binaries.
  • While webapi-plugins architecture was based on tizen-extensions-crosswalk (majority of mechanisms are used), there are still some differences between them (eg. in case API, and, more important, the division of implementation between Native and JS layers).

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