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Deployment notes mic <VERSION>

- Tools Release: <Tool_Version> - MIC Version: <MIC_Version>

- Test snapshot creation for all active products

  • List of active products:
   - Tizen:IVI, Tizen:Common

- Procedure:


  1. Copy mic-appliance to all image servers they can be seen on http://[jenkins_host]/robot/computer/?
  2. Retrigger the image-creator job on http://[jenkins_host]/robot/job/image-creator/
  3. Check the console output log of image-creator(http://[jenkins_host]/robot/job/image-creator/)
  4. Check the console output log of image-tester(http://[jenkins_host]/robot/job/image-tester) when generating ivi images
  5. Compare new snapshot with previous on download site. If any regressions found - rollback.

- Rollback:

  • Revert mic-appliance
  • Assign deployment ticket back to reporter with clear explanation what went wrong
  • Make sure that new testcase is created for iTest to test deployment failure to prevent it from happening again