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package versioning

Package Maintenance Guide

Development Tools

GBS Design

GBS Development

GBS Local Full Build


MIC Applicance

MIC Guide

Tools Release Process

Tools Announcement

CI Services

Jenkins Deployment Guide

* Preparation

* Deployment Guide summary

* Install Jenkins and its components

* Upgrade

Release plan and schedule

1. 0.12 release plan

2. 0.14 release plan

3. Feature release plan (Support Tizen-Distro workflow)


Design documentation

1. Prelease workflow

2. release workflow [workflow]

3. python-snapdiff design

4. Development and release workflow

5. build_xml

6. Short description of the jobs

7.Jenkins-Jobs-diff_between-0.12-and-0.14 [detail]

Release Process

* Release Process

Related documentation

1. Bridging workers on the intranet to an external master

2. How developers can use integration workflow


IRIS is a data-aggregation web service for Tizen development. By collecting original data from backend systems and presenting processed data in web GUI, IRIS enables all stakeholders of Tizen to query and manage the information they need.

Web site:



Release Notes

Release Process

The presentation in LinuxCon Europe 2014