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For any request regarding efl please contact upstream(http://www.enlightenment.org/) first, but for tizen related you can bother maintainers and I, User:Pcoval and User:Seoz are two of them... And I would appreciate to work using jira bug tracker to make sure nothing is lost in the mailing list flow..



Tizen:Common team is expecting that developer forward their patch upstream first and track them, more details on the workflow is explained here :

Untracked patches will be just dropped on conflicts, so expect some regression in downstream profile when rebasing onto Tizen:Common.


1.12.2 is in :




while 1.9.3 remains in :

https://build.tizen.org/package/show?package=efl&project=Tizen%3AIVI =


As the date of today (2014-12-04) Tizen:Common is currently late to upstream efl which released efl-1.12.1, but the gap can be reduced once we define a plan.

Tizen workflow branches :

  • upstream : is latest upstream version supported by tizen
  • tizen : packaging files and downstream managed patches , branch will no evolve unless it's validated by architect this one is built by Tizen OBS
  • accepted : are just pointer to released version per profile (should point to tizen at a time)

Work in progress branches :

  • sandbox/pcoval/latest : is just pre integration job maintained on each stable release
 efl: 1.12.1 (NOV. 24)
 elementary: 1.12.1 (NOV. 24)
  • sandbox/pcoval/snapshot : is packaging over upstream's HEAD and could be refreshed on will

Now, several actions could be taken we just only to sort out the priorities

  • tizen's obs had an efl subproject it can be used to build snapshot to help upstream developers
  • Dropped downstream patches may cause regressions , so it would help to make sure they were needed or need to be reintroduced (please open bugs)
  • more ?


check :


gbs sr --help

All the packages will need to land in the same OBS prerelease project

 cd efl 
 gbs sr -t tizen_common #  then note the tag
 cd elementary
 gbs sr --tag $tag 
 cd theme  calc ...

Without it will cause this kind of issues :



Migration Test Plan

  1. User:Pcoval : Update efl + elementary sandbox/pcoval/latest branches to latest upstream versions.
  2. User:Seoz : Test Tizen 3.0 Common + efl-elementary(sandbox/pcoval/latest) on the vmware.
 Make a live usb.
     1. download image file.
         ex) http://download.tizen.org/snapshots/tizen/common/latest/images/x86_64-wayland/common-wayland-mbr-x86_64/tizen-common_20141204.1_common-wayland-mbr-x86_64-sda.raw.bz2
         link) http://download.tizen.org/releases/daily/tizen/common/
         link2) http://download.tizen.org/snapshots/tizen/common/
     2.A. flash usb with bzcat and dd.
         ex) bzcat -dc tizen-common_20141204.1_common-wayland-mbr-x86_64-sda.raw.bz2 | sudo dd of=/dev/sdc bs=2M; sync
     2.B. flash usb with bmaptool. (THIS DOES NOT WORK)
         ex) bmaptool copy tizen-common_20141204.1_common-wayland-mbr-x86_64-sda.raw.bz2 /dev/sdX
 Test with Odroid U3
     1. https://wiki.tizen.org/wiki/Quick_guide_for_odroid
     2. https://wiki.tizen.org/wiki/How_to_Build_and_Load_Tizen_on_Odroid_U3
 Install latest efl/elementary packages
     1. build efl and elementary with gbs
     2. boot up with live usb
     3. scp files into the live tizen
     4. install rpm packages
     1. Boot up with live usb
     2. Launch 'Weston Terminal' from Launcher.
     3. aul_test launch org.tizen.calculator
 Live usb info
     - all the accounts' password is 'tizen'
 How to test
  1. User:Seoz : Fix issues
  2. User:Pcoval : Check on IVI
  3. Propose the upgrade to Architects
  4. Freeze EFL in Tizen 3
 Hopefully adopt EFL 1.12

Migration Test Report

[Issue #1]

 Issue: make xdg-shell optionnal , I will push a change for that
 Solution: https://phab.enlightenment.org/D1732
 Work Item: User:Seoz needs to review it.
 Progress: Fixed by a patch (link)

[Issue #2]

 Issue: Fix the theme / mobile
 Temp Solution: https://review.tizen.org/gerrit/31496
 Solution: https://review.tizen.org/gerrit/gitweb?p=platform/upstream/efl.git;a=commit;h=7a605b0aa844d976cbd95dd2bee1b9a3fd877d72
 Work Item: User:Seoz needs to find why mobile profile is problematic.
 Progress: Patch merged.

[Issue #3]

 Issue: backport a downstream feature about  ECORE_WL_EVENT_WINDOW_ACTIVATE and fwd it upstream
 But Report: https://phab.enlightenment.org/T1900
 Work Item: User:Seoz will check why this was added to tizen.
 Progress: backport to latest tizen is done(link) but upstream(link) is not finished yet.

[Issue #4]

 Issue: Calculator app does not look correct with default theme.
 Work Item: User:Seoz will check why.
 Error: ERR<746>:eo lib/eo/eo.c:340 _eo_dov_internal() in elm_widget.c:6423: Can't execute function (null):(null) (op 0x8000361c) for class 'Elm_Conformant'. Aborting.
 Error: ERR<746>:elementary elm_layout.c:1124 _elm_layout_smart_content_set() could not swallow 0x8001a8d5 into part 'toolbar_more_btn'
 Error: ERR<746>:elementary elm_layout.c:1124 _elm_layout_smart_content_set() could not swallow 0x80013099 into part 'elm.swallow.content'
 Error: ERR<746>:edje lib/edje/edje_util.c:4161 _size_min_restricted_calc() file /usr/apps/org.tizen.calculator/res/edje/calculator.edj, group main has a non-fixed part 'history/scroll'. Adding 'fixed: 1 1;' to source EDC may help. Continuing.
 Solution: https://review.tizen.org/gerrit/#/c/31941/
 Progress: Patch merged.

[Issue #5]

 Issue: Old tizen theme(efl-theme-tizen) is not loaded correctly with latest elementary
 Solution: https://review.tizen.org/gerrit/#/c/31717/
 Progress: Merged


EFL works on current version of Tizen:Common if not file bugs


But if it helps, next version of EFL is in pre-release place (URL may change) the current one is :

http://download.tizen.org/prerelease/tizen/common/# tizen-common_20140903.1/tizen-common_20140903.1.20140904.125990/images/x86_64-wayland/common-wayland-mbr-x86_64/

https://build.tizen.org/search# efl for updated one. (latest home:prerelease:Tizen:Mobile:submit:tizen:* / efl)

This mean you can also the prerelease repo in ~/.gbs.conf

You can use this file as base too :


Sample App: Calculator

 source: https://review.tizen.org/git/?p=apps/core/preloaded/calculator.git;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/tizen



Only ico-uxf uses EFL.


Just build those projects in this order : make sure to checkout 1st to sandbox/pcoval/latest if present

 # review.tizen.org/platform/upstream/edbus # ? is it used ?

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