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FOSDEM (Free and Open Source Developers’ European Meeting) is the biggest annual Event in Europe about free and open-source software.

FOSDEM, is one of the most important Free and Open Source Software event in Europe.




2018 FOSDEM Event : 3 & 4 February 2017


Community dinner


2017 FOSDEM Event : 4 & 5 February 2017

Ideas welcome, to be discussed during online Community's Meeting

A F2F "connected things" or just "embedded" community dinner has been proposed please check this page about registration etc


For the 5th year in a row, the Tizen community met again at FOSDEM.

We're coming from world wide (S.Korea, UK, Poland, Bulgaria, France...) to meet you on 31 Jan & 1 Feb at ULB Solbosch Campus, Brussels, Belgium

What you can expect from Tizen Community, this year  :

  • Meet and listen to Tizen developers from worldwide
  • Look at demos at EFL/Tizen booth (K building, Qt and Gnome should not be far from us).
  • Eat at Tizen Community's dinner
  • Learn and discover about Free Libre and Open Source software.

Note for latest news about Tizen at FOSDEM, please refer to wiki :


The list of accepted talks accepted is not yet fully published, but to tease you here is a list of talks to be presented.

Also don't miss presentation of Tizen Core components :

Note that Tizen is clearly focused on IoT , expect many interesting talk in IoT room but not only since those things are everywhere now :

Or relative projects :

Let me share other tracks :

Now you have only a week to make your own selection from this list :

See you there.

Tizen Demos

Demo Tizen version Build System Device Developer
DIY Tizen laptop Tizen 3.0 Yocto/OE HummingBoard/RPi2 and Motorola lapdock Leon Anavi
DIY Tizen tablet Tizen 3.0 Yocto/OE RaspberryPi 2 and its official 7" display Leon Anavi
Bluetooth demo with a smartphone Tizen 3.0 Yocto/OE HummingBoard/RPi2 Leon Anavi
HTML5 applications Tizen 3.0 Yocto/OE HummingBoard Leon Anavi
TizenFan IoT Tizen 3.0 + 2.4 Yocto/OE + OBS TM1 ReferenceDevice User:Pcoval
Vasum (will be shown) Tizen 3.0 GBS TBD Dariusz Michaluk (will not attend)
Tizen Image Testing System Tizen 3.0 GBS Odroid, MinnowBoard, ... Paweł Wieczorek
USB Tizen 3.0 GBS Odroid, notebook Krzysztof Opasiak
Ask User (Cynara) Tizen 3.0 GBS Odroid or emulator Aleksander Zdyb
Raspberry Pi Sense Hat Tizen 3.0 Yocto/OE RPi2 Leon Anavi
Products Tizen 2.x OBS? SamsungZ1, Camera, G2 User:Pcoval

Tizen Videos

Also if can't attend or you want us to show some videos, on Tizen/EFL booth, please add link to your videos on wiki, your input is valuable to Community.

Community Dinner

EFL/Tizen community dinner is scheduled for Saturday, 30 January 2016.

Please register on this form :

20 have registered, so we have ~10 places left.

If needed I will provide more practical details in real time at :

If you need some more info or assistance please contact expected attendees.

Latest update : No major changes --Pcoval (talk) 15:14, 29 January 2016 (UTC)

Where and When?

The place is confirmed but we plan to go to the same one as in 2015

The meeting point is starting at 19:30 at "Le P'tit Belge" restaurant at rue de la paix

(Warning some map system there are other "Petit belge" places)

We can meet at FOSDEM's main entrace at 18h30 (inside between the doors and the books shop) and then at 18h45 leave by Bus 71.

To: 7 rue de la paix (Vredestraat) 1050 Brussels Belgium

From ULB take bus 71 , stop at "Saint Boniface" station , then walk 600m to the "7 rue de la paix" .


Notes and up date news

Let me suggest to take cash with you, because I noticed that lot of Belgium restaurants refuse to accept separates card payments (I suspect they want to avoid extra commissions from foreign cards ?)

Note the place can only host 70 persons and 30 are reserved so far, so if everyone can not fit in, community will have to divide into other smaller self managed groups. After all this is up to community to decide :-)

Minutes of Meetings (MoM)

MoM from the community meetings regarding the preparation of Tizen demos.


  1. Demos are in the wiki (see above)
  2. We will play videos with gstreamer
  3. RzR will check if Ash from TizenExperts is willing to join.
  4. BenLloyd will check if we can get some marketing goodies
  5. RzR and Leon will make a spreadsheet for the community dinner on Saturday, 30 Jan 2016
  6. Next community meeting: 5 January 2016, 4PM GMT at IRC, channel #tizen-dev


  1. A couple of new demos proposals and accepted talks are listed at
  2. Invitation for FOSDEM event to be posted at various places by User:Pcoval
  3. Registration for Saturday's dinner is open to all on wiki (place not yet confirmed)
  4. Do you have any Tizen developers' demo videos to share and show on our "DIY Tizen TV/Video player" ?
  5. Help is welcome from developers to improve Tizen support (raise or highlight bugs)
  6. A role is still open to show new Tizen products (Devices not ReferenceDevices)
  7. Stickers will be available thx BenLloyd + SRUK
  8. Next community meeting: 19 January 2016 4PM GMT in IRC, channel #tizen-dev


  • Logistic planning



Next Community Meeting: 09 February 2016 4PM UTC in IRC, channel #tizen


Expected attendees :

Organisation Notes :

Related :



And or course core technologies used by Tizen project :

Tizen Community Meeting




FOSDEM 2014 was held on 1 and 2 February at Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB Brussels). An improvised small community meeting of people interested in Tizen was organized during the Friday beer event on 31 January at Delirium Café.


The following talks have been related to Tizen in one way or another.

Lightning Talks