Flash Tizen 2.4 Image to Reference Device

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Platform Upgrade

  1. Download following Platform image:
  2. Flashing the platform Image (unplug, <volume down> + <home> + <power>, plug in USB : UBoot Mode)
    sudo lthor tizen-2.4-mobile_20151030.1_mobile_target-TM1.tar.gz

Post Flash Guide

The device will be automatically rebooted after successful installation. Please note that Tizen 2.4 image does not contain the TM1-hardware-dependent binaries. You must install the additional binaries in order to make TM1 function correctly. For more information, see TIZEN 2.4 PLUGIN.


  • lthor

If you are unable to connect lthor to the device on Ubuntu (12.10 or 13.04) please follow the instructions to solve the issue.

  • Cannot write file to the target/emulator file system

If you want to write some files to target or emulator file system, run sdb with "root on" parameter.
Target : sdb -d root on
Emulator : sdb -e root on

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