GBS Performance

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Experimental Environments

GBS Version


GBS Server

Specification of GBS Server Node
CPU 2.6GHz
2 * 24 cores with HT (48 threads)
Memory 256GB
Configuration of GBS thread 20

Experimental Results

GBS Projects

Tizen 2.4 Mobile

Build 20 thread on a machine

Architecture Elapsed Time
Each step elapsed Time
Build Trigger Method
  • Download Source from private Gerrit : 3  
  • Export tar and spec : 20
  • Build  : 107     
  • Create image : 8   
  • repo init -u ssh://<private Gerrit>:29418/scm/manifest -b tizen -m mobile.xml
  • gbs build --arch armv7l -B /var/lib/jenkins/jobs/GBS-local-full-build/workspace/GBS-ROOT --threads=20 -R http://<private network>/gcc49/Base/standard/ -R http://<private network>/tizen-2.4-mobile-release/repos/target/packages/
  • sudo mic cr auto /var/lib/jenkins/jobs/GBS-local-full-build/workspace/GBS-local-full-build/tizen/builddata/image-configs/mobile_boot.ks--logfile=_mobile_boot -o /var/lib/jenkins/jobs/GBS-local-full-build/workspace/GBS-local-full-build/tizen/images

※ average of the results after running 3 times