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2016-03: The Atomic Game Engine goes Open Source!


2015-09: Tizen Developer Conference (PDF)


2013-05: YoYo Games announces that GameMaker: Studio will support publishing to the Tizen Store and other Tizen-based platforms in time for launch later this year. With GameMaker: Studio for Tizen, developers will be able to export their newly-created and pre-existing games as a Tizen Store-ready application from a single code base and at the touch of a button. Games can be exported from GameMaker: Studio to run natively or as HTML5 applications.
2013-05: GameMaker Studio’s Upcoming Module – Tizen
2013-09: GameMaker: Studio’s Tizen export is available now to users of GameMaker: Studio Professional and Master Collection which allows them to create games and then export them to the Tizen platform at no additional cost.
2013-11: Porting your game to Tizen

GameSalad (2D)

2013-05: GameSalad Inc., which enables game developers to quickly create and publish sophisticated iOS, Android and HTML5 games, announced support for Tizen.
2013-11: GameSalad and appbackr Team Up to Provide a Calibrated Incentive Program to Bring Apps to Tizen
2013-11: Tizen publishing support
2013-12: Tizen Cookbook and Release Notes

Godot Engine

2017-03: First moving signs of life

HTML5 Game Engines

2014-12: Port your Web App to Tizen
2015-02: Getting Started with HTML5 Game Development Using the Intel XDK
2015-06: Using EasyStar.js to implement pathfinding in Tizen game projects



2012-09: The HTML5 Game Sponsorship Market
2013-05: An Indie Game Developer’s Marketing Checklist.
2013-08: How to promote your app.
2013-08: Compelling openings, friend invites drive casual game success, say devs
2013-09: Where pipelines and workflows go next
2013-09: One game, multiple skins
2013-11: (video) 10 Things Every Developer Should Know. What sponsors / portals expect from HTML5 mobile game developers and what to avoid when negotiating and managing a licensing deal with them. In addition, this session highlighted the importance of picking the right business model and how to create HTML5 games to satisfy the licensee's needs.
2013-12: (video) Creating cross platform games with one HTML5 code base
2014-01: Tips and tricks to build your audience and sell smarter
2014-03: Monetization Stack
2014-03: Performative Game Development
2014-04: A guide to building your app business
2014-04: A Simple Test of Leadership
2014-04: User Testing with Limited Resources
2014-05: If you’re an indie developer, don’t make multiplayer games.
2014-07: The mobile web: Removing the restrictions of app stores
2014-08: A Foreigner's Guide to Digital China
2014-08: Why you should consider a soft launch for your mobile app
2015-02: US mobile game revenues will grow 16.5% this year to reach $3.04 billion. Mobile games will account for 30.9% of the US mobile content market in 2015, up from 29.3% in 2014
2015-07: Why you need to build your game's community months before it's released

Business models

Distribution channels


2013-12: We are happy to announce that OpenFL 1.2 is now available, and includes a brand-new platform target, Tizen
2013-12: Let’s clarify Haxe and OpenFL
2014-03: Flash is dead, long live OpenFL !
2014-03: Today, we are announcing a new OpenFL HTML5 backend, based around pixi.js
2015-09: Where have all the Flash developers gone ?

Tizen TV

2014-02: Q4 2013: Samsung Global Smart TV Market Share Reaches 26 Percent, LG and Sony Follow at 14 Percent Each
2014-03: Samsung Working With Startup Partners To Add Gesture-Based Smart Home Control To TVs
2014-04: Second screen usage during major TV broadcast events and programs is exploding in 2014
2014-08: Unity for Samsung Smart TV, compatible with 2013 - 2014 models
2015-01: All of Samsung Smart TVs in 2015 will be equipped with its new platform built around Tizen
2015-01: Samsung set to sell 30 million Tizen TVs in 2015
2015-09: Introduction to Tizen TV SDK (PDF)
2015-10: Smart TVs will become the next game platform and the market will grow rapidly


2013-05: Unity announced upcoming support for Tizen. The deployment tools currently under development will allow Unity's massive community of developers to build and publish games to Tizen smartphones and tablets via the Tizen Store later this year.
2013-05: Tizen Conference: Ubiquitousness: It's Everywhere (PDF)
2013-10: From Unity to Three.js - Demo
2014-08: Unity for Samsung Smart TV, compatible with 2013 - 2014 models
2015-08: Architecting Games in Unity with Best Practices (video)
2016-05: First steps with Unity
2016-05: UI elements for a game menu


2013-07: Tons of developers think that WebGL is for 3D only, but we think that in truth, WebGL is a very convenient way of accessing low level graphic capabilities from web technologies. In this sense, WebGL could be used for both 2D and 3D game and app development offering a much more powerful approach both performance-wise and features-wise.
2013-07: Tutorial
2014-09: HTML5 Game Performance on iOS 8
2015-05: Rendering HTML with WebGL
2015-08: Introducing Four: It’s WebGL, but Easier
2015-11: Rain and Water Effect Experiments