Getting Started Guide for OBS Light

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OBS Light is a lighter version of OBS (Open Build System). OBS Light should be used for building Tizen packages no direct access to Tizen OBS is provided.

OBS Light Installation


Download OBS Light client appliance devel version:

Software included:

  • openSUSE 12.2 with KDE
  • OBS Light client (with GUI)
  • fake OBS


Processed with installation of OBS Light client appliances as a virtual machine or as a bootable USB/SD Card.

Virtual Machine

The following virtualization software tools are supported:

USB & disk image

  1. Extract the downloaded file
    tar -xzf OBS_Light_OBS_client_Head.i686-0.9.22.oem.tar.gz
  2. Detect the USB drive
  3. Copy the image to the USB drive
    sudo dd if=myappliance.raw of=/dev/sdX bs=4k

Note: The last argument (bs=4k) is optional. It speeds up writing to the USB device.

For more information and other installation options please visit the official documentation.

Setting up Development Environment

Gerrit is a web based code review system. Register, configure Secure Shell (SSH) and Git to proceed with building packages with OBS Light. For more information and details please visit the official documentation.

Update Development Tools (Optional)

The OBS Light client appliances contains preinstalled Tizen Development Tools. To update to latest version please execute the following commands in a terminal:

sudo zypper refresh
sudo zypper update gbs mic

Please note that zypper supports up as an alias of update.