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Git Branching Scheme for Tizen IVI projects


There are multiple branches in use in the Tizen git repositories (GitWeb). This page describes the branching scheme in use in the Tizen IVI projects specifically. It assumes that you are already familiar with Tizen's overall workflow described here OS development and here Work Flow

As is true with most documentation, this may become outdated so please do not hesitate to send a mail to the IVI mailing list (, Subscribe here) if you spot any inconsistencies or simply to prompt us to update this!

Tizen IVI specific projects

First off, there is no master branch in the Tizen IVI projects, instead each has release-line specific branches. The packages that have been forked or are unique to IVI are put under profile/ivi/ on Git/Gerrit.

Currently, this maps to the following download areas where you will find complete images but also the repositories:

1.0 <-> [1]
2.0alpha <-> [1]
2.0alpha-wayland <->
2.0 <-> [1]
tizen <->

The packages that are common between the Mobile and IVI profiles have a slightly different branch naming scheme which is as follows:

Tizen codebase Common IVI
Tizen 1.0 [1] 1.0_post 1.0_post
2.0alpha-wayland N/A 2.0alpha-wayland
Tizen 2.0 IVI [1] tizen_2.0 2.0
Tizen 2.1 [1][2] tizen_2.1 N/A
Tizen 3.0 [3] tizen tizen

Looking Ahead to Tizen 3.0

All the Git repositories for the packages that are under development and that will lead to Tizen 3.0 have been put under platform/upstream in Git/Gerrit. As for the previous releases, there is typically no master branch and all the development is done on the tizen branch. In order to ease identifying which package (along with its exact git repository URL + tag) has been included in a particular image, a manifest file is now published that includes such information. Sample manifest file

There is a git-obs mapping that controls what changes get submitted from git/gerrit to the respective OBS projects. So developers just submit their changes to the appropriate branch, tag accordingly, +2 the Gerrit reviews as usual, and automation does the rest.


[1] Note that these branches are now under Change Control so no new updates are made to it and new patches will not be accepted. Please also note that these download areas contain images and repositories under constant development, please read the relevant section on the IVI Downloads page to make sure you fully understand how it can be used and what the limitations are.
[2] There will not be a Tizen 2.1 release for IVI. Instead, the next stable release will be 3.0.
[3] Tizen 3.0 is currently under development, the first milestone image has been published on the 2nd of July. See the Tizen IVI 3.0-M1 release notes for more details.