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This glossary defines terms, both common and more niche, that are important to understand when reading Tizen documents. They are also often used by Tizen team members and other contributers when conversing on (issues, SRs), on IRC and other sites.

As much as possible, we should link to the most authoritative and recent source of information for a term. That approach should be the most helpful for people who want to learn more about a topic.

  • API: Application Programming Interface
  • Cynara A component of the application security enforcement mechanism. Cynara maintains the relationships between applications and application privileges.
  • DevOps: Developer Operations
  • DIBS: Distributed Intelligent Build System
  • GBS: Git Build System
  • HAL: Hardware Abstraction Layer
  • IVI: In-Vehicle Infotainment
  • Native Application: Any user installed program allowed access to APIs that are not provided by the Wed runtime environment, especially the Linux kernel APIs.
  • OBS: Open Build Service
  • PBS: Personal Build System
  • SMACK: The Simplified Mandatory Access Control Kernel
  • Tizen:Common: Tizen Common OBS project located in Tizen OBS.
  • Tizen:IVI: Tizen IVI OBS project located in Tizen OBS
  • Tizen:Mobile: Tizen Mobile OBS project located in Tizen OBS
  • And so on.