How to create Tizen Native Application by Tizen SDK

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A How-to page to show the example about How to create and Customize Tizen Native Application(OSP) with Tizen SDK.


Download Install Manager and SDK image from, for example, try it in Ubuntu® 32bits Below shows example about how to create and Customize Tizen Native Application by Tizen SDK step by step

Create Native Application by SDK sample

  • Run Tizen IDE, then New -> Project... -> Tizen Native Project, then choose Sample -> UiControls
  • Then Run -> Run As -> Tizen Native Application in Emulator image

See Animation button

It is pretty easy to create the application by SDK.

Customize Native Application by UI Builder and source code changing

Now we start to check how to customize the Animation button control.

  • Go to Project Explorer, double click [Project Name] -> res -> screen-size-normal -> IDF_FORM_ANIMATION.xml to launch the UI Builder.
  • Drag and Drop the new button, set the ID as "IDC_BUTTON_TESTTIZEN"
  • Then Run it to see the new UI control in Emulator
  • Customize the source code in src\AnimationForm.cpp and inc\AnimationForm.h to define the new Tizen::Ui::Controls::Button ID and its ActionId etc

  • Customize the button press event in OnActionPerformed Function
  • Click the testTizen button to see the result

Now the customization of new UI control and button press event handle has been done, we can see it is pretty easy for application developer to do the customization.