How to use SDK to create web app for Tizen IVI

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Tizen IVI SDK, which supports IVI web application development, has been released . So if you have installed Tizen IVI SDK and are working on Tizen IVI 3.0-M2-EOY release, you can skip below sessions.

A How-to page to show the example about how to use SDK to create web app for Tizen IVI. The example below is using Tizen SDK 2.2 and verified with Tizen IVI 3.0-M2-Aug release and Tizen IVI 3.0-M2-Sep release.

Create Web Application by SDK

Let's start with a single page application:

Run Tizen IDE, then File -> New Project -> Tizen Web Project -> Next, select "Single Page Application", named as "HelloIVI", and click Finish.

Modify the config.xml, change the default required_version="2.2" to required_version="2.1" as the WRT in Tizen IVI 3.0-M2-{Aug|Sep} release is still version 2.1.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<widget xmlns="" xmlns:tizen="" id="http://yourdomain/HelloIVI" 
version="1.0.0" viewmodes="maximized">
    <tizen:application id="vRnVN2mMV7.HelloIVI" package="vRnVN2mMV7" required_version="2.1"/>
    <content src="index.html"/>
    <icon src="icon.png"/>

Package the Web Application manually

Application signing is mandatory in SDK 2.2, but there will be error when using wrt-installer to install signed widgets. So we have to package the web app manually. In the HelloIVI folder, for example ~/workspace/HelloIVI, run

zip -r HelloIVI.wgt config.xml index.html icon.png css js tizen-web-ui-fw

You now have HelloIVI.wgt file. You can copy this file to IVI device by scp.

Install and Run the Web Application on IVI

To install the web application, you need "su -" to have root access rights, then run

wrt-installer -i HelloIVI.wgt

If you are running Tizen IVI 3.0-M2-Aug release with weston desktop, run below command in a weston terminal to launch it.

wrt-launcher –s <app_ID>

If you are running Tizen IVI 3.0-M2-Sep release, you will find the app's icon integrated into the home screen. You only need to click the icon to launch it.