IRIS Release Announcement 0.2

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  • New Submissions application
 - Enable Tizen stakeholders to track the entire life-cycle of a patch by
   providing metadata for CI (Continuous Integration) and build systems as
   well as package integration.
 - Shows types for Submissions: Open, Accepted, Rejected
 - Shows metadata for Submissions, including the following:
   + Name, Owner
   + Related Git Tree, related Product
   + Last update time
   + Building result
 - Shows metadata for packages and images building.
   For packages, following metadata is presented:
   + Package name, Git tree path, Target and Arch
   + Created time and updated time
   + Packages building status
   + Packages building log
   For images, following metadata is presented:
   + Image name and repo
   + Created time and updated time
   + Images building status
   + Images downloading url
 - Provides schema migrations for Submissions app.

Planned Features

Planned features include the following:

  • Improved Submissions application (IRIS v0.3)
 Submissions application will enable Tizen stakeholders to track the entire
 life-cycle of an SR(Submission Request) by providing metadata for snapshot
 and release as well as delta information.
  • Reports application (IRIS v0.4)
 Reports application will provide a variety of reports for Tizen stakeholders
 to grasp a big-picture view of Tizen development.


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