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2015-09: TIZEN IVI HAS BEEN INTEGRATED INTO AUTOMOTIVE GRADE LINUX: https://wiki.automotivelinux.org/

Archive: IVI is setting a new standard for in-vehicle infotainment in cars, buses, airplanes, etc. The Tizen IVI project provides a Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS) OS development platform for IVI embedded computing systems. The Tizen IVI solution enables modern portable applications to provide rich Internet and multimedia experiences to consumers while they travel by leveraging the Tizen code base for mobile computers and handsets and extending its functionality into vehicles.

The Tizen IVI wiki is for collaborating on documentation for the Tizen IVI Project.

The Program Management team also maintains a continuously updated Tizen IVI Dashboard page.

Getting started

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Tizen 3.x codebase
Tizen 2.x codebase

Tizen 1.0 codebase

Projects pages

Common components

IVI specific components

Miscellaneous tips and tricks

Tizen IVI OS development

Slides & Videos

Last 12 months, in chronological order:

  • 2014-03: Current Trends in Open Source and Automotive
  • 2014-05: Genivi: Open Automotive 2014 - Gothenburg
  • 2014-06: Porting Tizen-IVI 3.0 to an ARM based SoC Platform
  • 2014-06: PIM in IVI - Contacts, your phone, your car
  • 2014-10 Genivi: Open Automotive 2014 - Detroit
  • 2014-12: Introduction to Tizen IVI

Key IVI Contacts

The Tizen IVI project team uses the ivi@lists.tizen.org (Subscribe here) mailing list to communicate project status and discuss technical details. This is the best method for asking questions about Tizen IVI. Please understand this is an open source development project and discussion on the mail list tends to represent individual opinions and expertise. Answers may be inconsistent or conflicting. Your best judgement will be required. If you have a specific issue you want tracked, please report it at http://bugs.tizen.org, under the "Tizen Common" (TC) project.

You may also contact the Tizen IVI Program Manager (mark.j.linkmeyer at intel.com), but you may get sent back to the mailing list to get your answer!