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Tizen Compliance Program

Why Compliance?

The Tizen Compliance Program ensures devices and applications work correctly together, by setting out requirements for common behavior and providing a validation mechanism to show that the requirements are followed. Details for the program can be found here: https://source.tizen.org/compliance

Tizen 3.0 Compliance for IVI

IVI is the first profile built on the next-generation Tizen 3.0 code base. Tizen 3.0 for IVI compliance consists of the following:

  • Tizen 3.0 Compliance Tests for IVI (TCT). The suite of tests that verify each of the requirements in the TCS:
    • <link>


The Tizen IVI compliance program welcomes feedback. If a Tizen device implementer has questions or concerns about the specification or compliance tests they are welcome to discuss these on the Tizen compliance mailing list.