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Using DLNA on Tizen IVI

Setting up Rygel

Rygel publishes the media files you want to receive on your IVI system. After installing it you can edit the /etc/rygel.conf file to change the settings. You can change things like what folders it reads from, mp3 support, etc. After that, simply put the media you want to stream in the folders you specified in /etc/rygel.conf. Then when you run Rygel it will publish all the files in those folders.

DLNA WRT plugin

The wrt plugin is called tizen.mediaserver. For an example of how to use it see the MediaPlayer application code. Basically, you use tizen.mediaserver.scanNetwork() to look for an available DLNA server. When it finds one it will execute the callback function you provided. If you'd like to see it in action you can start up Rygel, then MediaPlayer, and you should see the remote files displayed in your playlist.