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How To: GENIVI DLT usage on Tizen IVI


This How To gives instructions on how to use and test GENIVI DLT (dlt-daemon and dlt-viewer) on Tizen IVI


  • Tizen IVI development environment (the latest daily build + reference HW)
  • [Qt]] SDK installed (this HOWTO is written using Qt Creator 2.8.1, Based on Qt 5.1.1 (GCC 4.6.1, 32 bit), running Debian unstable)

Build and run dlt-viewer

  • Get dlt-viewer (v2.12.0)
 git clone http://git.projects.genivi.org/dlt-viewer.git
 LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$PWD ./dlt_viewer

Install and run dlt-daemon and dlt-system

  • Boot up the device

  • Install "dlt-daemon" and "dlt-bin"
 zypper in dlt-daemon dlt-bin
  • Tell systemd about the new .service files
 systemctl daemon-reload
  • start dlt-daemon and dlt-system daemons
 systemctl start dlt.service
 systemctl start dlt-system.service

Connect dlt-viewer to dlt-daemon

  • Config -> ECU Add...
 * Interface type: TCP
 * (From TCP tab): Hostname: <tizen device IPv4 address>
  • Hit "Connect" icon
  • Observe DLT logs from the device

Test Cases

  • By default, one should see journald + dlog logs (Apid==JOUR)
  • Output arbitrary messages
 find / -name '*tizen*'|/usr/bin/dlt-adaptor-stdin

Known issues

  • dlt.service and dlt-system.service fail to run. Status: A Gerrit review pending 13159.
  • dlt-daemon and dlt-system are not configured properly. Status: Two Gerrit reviews pending 13160 and 13161.

See also

Upstream GENIVI wiki for DLT