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How to enable logging in Tizen IVI

The logging facility in Tizen is provided by the libdlog package. There are a couple of logging mechanisms that are available:

  1. Logs are sent to the systemd-journal (preferred)
  2. Logs are send to the Android logger FIFO

What mechanism is available in an image is determined by the build-time option that are used and by default, libdlog is built to sent all logging information to systemd-journal in Tizen IVI.

Note: The latter option is no longer valid. The build config was removed by this dlog commit e14c322e315c51a11f50300735c0797f9924c94e.

systemd-journal logging

This method is new in Tizen 3.x and is also the only one available by default.

First install the dlogutil package:

 # zypper in dlogutil

Then enable logging for the platform:

 $ dlogctrl set platformlog 1

You can now check all logs using journalctl:

 $ journalctl <params>

Android logger FIFO

DEPRECATED dlog no longer supports Angroid logger driver

You first need to recompile libdlog enabling the Android logger functionality.

On your development system:

$gbs build <options> --define "_with_dlog_to_systemd_journal 0"

On your Tizen IVI target:

#zypper in --oldpackage <new_libdlog>
#modprobe logger.ko
$dlogctrl set platformlog 1
$dlogutil <params>