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Tizen IVI GENIVI Project Page

This page lists the key GENIVI OSS projects that are being worked on and integrated in Tizen IVI.

Device Log and Trace

  • A detailed sub page can be found in IVI/DLT.

Compositor and LayerManagementClient API

  • Tizen IVI ships a sample UI leveraging Weston IVI shell and GENIVI LayerManagementClient API
  • The architecture consists of a HomeScreen, IVI-shell/compositor, and a System-Controller (Murphy) controlling the surfaces
  • To try out the UI
# rpm -e tlm-config-ivi-singleseat
# zypper in -t pattern ivi-ux-ico
# reboot

This removes the default TLM configuration that starts a standard Weston shell, and installs the ICO Homescreen pattern, which contains the Weston IVI shell, the GENIVI LayerManagementClient API library as well as the ICO Homescreen and its dependencies.

Additional resources:

Audio Manager and Murphy intergration

C++ CommonAPI (Franca)

  • The GENIVI C++ CommonAPI runtime and DBus libraries can be found in the repositories
  • CommonAPI Dbus requires a patch in DBus which is not applied in Tizen
  • However, there's an easy to follow [README.Tizen] that describes the patch&installation steps

Bluetooth Stack (AC)

  • GENIVI Bluetooth Stack AC API is based on BlueZ
  • Additionally, it defines a Service API plugin.
  • The service API plugin patch is applied on top of Tizen IVI BlueZ and can be found in libbluetooth-plugins-service package

Lifecycle components

The GENIVI Lifecycle components are both packaged up and provided in Tizen IVI today:

Work is on-going to provide a better and more useful integration into Tizen IVI, this is tracked in TC-1646

GENIVI 7.0, 64bit

  • In addition to the projects mentioned above, all other projects required by the GENIVI 7.0 compliance can be found in Tizen IVI repositories too.
  • The repositories/images also include support for 64bit (x86_64).

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