IVI/How to sync phonebook via SyncEvolution

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This instructions apply to logging in via SSH. When running as part of a normal user session, all of the env variables should already be set.

  • Choose a directory for SyncEvolution configuration files
sh-4.2$ mkdir /home/app/sync # of cause, you can specify other directory that non-root user you are using can access it. 
  • Set the env variables
sh-4.2$ export XDG_CONFIG_HOME=/home/app/sync/ 
sh-4.2$ export XDG_RUNTIME_DIR=/run/user/5000/ 
sh-4.2$ export DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS=unix:path=/run/user/5000/dbus/user_bus_socket
  • Configure
sh-4.2$ syncevolution --configure syncURL= backend=pbap database=obex-bt://74:45:8A:FF:68:7B preventSlowSync=false target-config@pbap addressbook # use your mac address instead.
  • Start simple-agent in background
sh-4.2$ simple-agent hci0 & 
  • Start syncing
sh-4.2$ syncevolution --print-items target-config@pbap addressbook
  • If you want to see the detailed info of the contacts, use '--export xxx.file' to export it into a file.