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Getting accurate GPS/Location information is a key requirement in an In-Vehicle Infotainment system. This article provides a high-level overview of how GPS data is exposed to applications within Tizen IVI, regardless of whether the application is a native application developed using Tizen Core APIs or a Web applications.

High-level architecture

The middleware component that is responsible for exposing accurate GPS data to applications in Tizen IVI is the Automotive Message Broker. It will source such information based on its configuration (source plugin) which should match your head-unit architecture. Your GPS device may be locally attached to your processor (e.g. via a UART interface) or possibly be a dedicated ECU that communicates your position information over the CAN bus.

AMB provides in turn the location info via its D-Bus interface [1] and the Web API [2]. Both are enabled by default in Tizen IVI.

[1] D-Bus interface for location

[2] TODO: link to static idl for wrt-plugins-ivi Vehicle.idl

Choosing the right AMB source plugin

  • CAN source plugin: such source plugin should be developed according to your CAN specifications. Tizen IVI does not provide such plugins as these are typically vendor-specific.
  • GPSNmea plugin: uses nmea-compatible GPS devices to get GPS location data. This is available by installing the automotive-message-broker-plugins-gpsnmea and adding the plugin to /etc/amb/config.tizen with the options found in the plugin documentation

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