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The December 14, 2012 Tizen IVI EOY preview update is our second stable monthly update based on the Tizen 2.0 Alpha code. In this preview we added several IVI components to the base Tizen code including Automotive Message Broker, Murphy audio routing policy manager, a HandsFree Dialer, and DLNA.

Our next planned stable release will be the final 2.0 release currently planned for the end of February 2013.

Quick Start

What's new (vs. the previous preview)

  • Added Automotive Message Broker (AMB)which provides a plug-in architecture for Automotive networks such as CAN bus and routes data from these networks to the application layer. Documentation on this component may be found at https://github.com/otcshare/automotive-message-broker/tree/master/docs
  • Ghostcluster, a dashboard application that works with AMB.
  • DLNA support via dLeyna. More iformation may be found at https://01.org/dleyna/
  • Murphy resource policy manager. More information may be found at https://01.org/murphy/
  • "lemolo" a dialer application that uses "ofono" to access bluetooth connected HFP modems.
  • Support for VAAPI was added but with known issues.
  • The Tizen Camera and Music applications are working now, but with known issues.
  • The Tizen 2.0 core applicaitons listed below are still available.

Tizen 2.0 Core Applications

Tizen 2.0 includes a set of Core application available to all Tizen devices including IVI.

  • Browser: An app for user to surf the internet, user is able to browse webpage with image, listen music, watch videos and download data from it.
  • Calculator: An app for user to do basic mathematic: add/subtract/multiply/divide operation.
  • Calendar: An app of timekeeping that defines the beginning and length and divisions of the year, it supports layout in Yearly/Monthly/Weekly/Daily view, also able to record the daily, weekly, monthly, and annual agenda and dating, and have dating remind setting function.
  • Clock:
    • Alarm: A clock that wakes sleeper at present time, user is able to create new alarm with setting time, repeat, snooze and tone etc in UI.
    • World Clock: Able to know the time all over the world as the same time by it;
    • Stopwatch: A timepiece that can be started or stopped for exact timing
  • Contacts: An app which have a list of contacts, each of whom will have name, telephone number and address, user is able to create/edit/delete them.
  • Gallery: An app for user to browse images and watch videos.
    • Image player: It lists all images saved in local device, user is able to browser them with one by one or slide shown;
  • Settings: An app for user to set connectivity settings (such as WiFi/Bluetooth(scan)), system settings (such as Wallper/Display/Date and time and so on), application settings (such as calendar and gallery apps).

Supported hardware

  • NexCom NDIS166

Top 10 Known Issues

  • TIVI-451 [2.0] No ringtone heard on IVI with incoming call
  • TIVI-421 [2.0] lemolo dialer app crahses when switch apps in task manager
  • TIVI-368 [2.0] Video player fails to play video files from Gallery
  • TIVI-395 [2.0] kernel does not support WiFi tethering
  • TIVI-390 [2.0] WiFi tethering does not work
  • TIVI-307 [2.0] Fail to pair BT devices (phone or headset) in UI
  • TIVI-329 [2.0] Music player is unalbe to play music files
  • TIVI-317 [2.0] Updating or re-installing xorg-x11-server-misc-emulfb will break system startup
  • TIVI-436 [2.0] Video HW accelration (VAAPI) is not enabled for HTML5 applications
  • TIVI-452 [2.0] unalbe to end one callduring multiparty calls


UX defaults to Portrait mode

  • Tizen IVI 2.0 Alpha boots by default into a portrait mode UI. To change this to Landscape mode:

edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/60-cando-evdevmultitouch.conf

remove or comment out the line that reads: Option "Rotate" "left"

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