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Source and binary RPMs and images for specific target devices can be found in the Tizen download tree. Installing IVI downloads describes how to download and install these resources.

The Tizen download tree has several branches, each with different characteristics:

  • The Milestone Releases tree contains downloads in numbered folders generated at each major release milestone. They are considered stable enough for ongoing project development by teams that don't want to track dailies. They usually have a few weeks of freeze, change control, bug fixing and a full QA test suite pass. The results of the QA tests are reported on the Tizen IVI mailing list. The final version of each major release are expected to remain available on tizen.org for 2 years. Currently "milestone" builds are planned about once a quarter.
  • The Daily Releases Release Engineering tries to identify a good snapshot (one that boots, etc.) on a daily basis for QA to test. If the test is successful the snapshot is moved to the releases/daily folder. Dailies have a lifespan of a few weeks. QA publishes validation results for dailies on the Tizen IVI mailing list.
  • The Snapshots tree contains downloads that may be generated several times (even dozens of times) a day. Each instance has a timestamp. Snapshots are generated automatically whenever a patch is pushed/accepted. Important note: snapshots may not be complete builds or may not boot. Snapshots are used by developers to get immediate feedback to see if their patches work in OBS builds. Snapshots have a very short lifespan and may disappear after a few days.

Use the "rsync" command to download a copy of the Tizen IVI source and binary RPM repositories . The rsync URL is rsync://download.tizen.org/

#Here is an example 'rsync' command for copying all content:
$rsync -avHlr rsync://download.tizen.org/all/previews/ivi/ /srv/path/