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We are happy to announce that Tizen IVI 2.0 code for ARM based Pandaboard (Rev A2 OMAP 4430) is now available. We believe that Tizen IVI ARM code opens up opportunities for ARM IVI developers to work with new features and functionalities offered by the platform. Tizen IVI ARM code is based on IVI source code released as part of Tizen IVI 2.0 release on April 23, 2013.

We are working on porting Tizen IVI 3.0 milestone releases and shall make it available as and when this work is completed.

Quick Start

Tizen 2.0 ARM Core Applications

Tizen 2.0 ARM includes a set of core application available to all Tizen devices including IVI.

  • GhostCluster: An HTML5-based instrument cluster that connects to the Automotive Message Broker to display vehicle information such as speed, gear stick position, RPMs, etc.
  • Internet-Ref: A browser application allowing users to surf the internet. It supports multiple windows, a private mode, bookmarking pages, downloading data, playing audio/video.
  • Calculator: An application to do basic mathematics: i.e. add/subtract/multiply/divide operations.
  • Calendar: An application to keep track of the agenda. The user can create/delete events or tasks, set a reminder, the timezone and duration of the event or task.
  • Camera: An application to use the on-board camera to take pictures or capture videos.
  • Clock: An application to set up alarms, displays the time for the various parts of the world (worldclock) and a stopwatch.
    • Alarm: An application which which enables the user to set up alarms. It also provides the repeat, snooze and tone settings using the GUI.
    • World Clock: An application which displays the time for various parts of the world.
    • Stopwatch: An application which measures the amount of time elapsed from a particular time when activated to when it is deactivated
  • Dialer: A BT HFP (Hands-Free Profile) dialer application that uses oFono and BlueZ to make and receive phone calls through a bluetooth-paired mobile phone.
  • Contacts: An application to organise contacts. An user can define groups and also mark the favourite contacts.
  • Email: An application to send/receive emails.
  • Gallery: An application to browse through the local images and organise them by albums, adding tags, etc. The user can share pictures via email or bluetooth, scroll through them manually or view them all in slideshow mode.
  • Settings: An application to set various settings such as connectivity settings (Wi-Fi, Tethering, Location, Bluetooth, NFC), system settings (such as Flight mode, Wallper, Sounds, Brightness, Font, Display, Date & time) and applications settings (such as Email, Contacts, Calendar, Gallery)
  • My Files: An application to browse through the folers and files on the device.
  • Memo: An application to write notes
  • Music: An application to play music on the device and also organises the music with playlists, by albums, artists, genre, composer, etc.
  • Video: An application to play videos.
  • Search: An application to search for specific items on the device.

Supported Hardware

  • PandaBoard (Rev A2 OMAP 4430)

Known Issues

  • TIVI-2167[IVI-ARM 2.0][Pandaboard] Music player is unable to play music files.
  • TIVI-2168[IVI-ARM 2.0][Pandaboard] Video player unable to play video.
  • TIVI-2169[IVI-ARM 2.0][Pandaboard] Adding or deleting of photos or videos is not getting synchronized with gallery/music app.
  • TIVI-2170[IVI-ARM 2.0][Pandaboard] Unable to use WiFi tethering in UI setting.
  • IVI-2171[IVI-ARM 2.0][Pandaboard] webgl support is not present.
  • TIVI-2172[IVI-ARM 2.0][Pandaboard] Murphy is not fully integrated in this release.
  • TIVI-2173[IVI-ARM 2.0][Pandaboard] Task Manager cannot be launched from menu screen.

Feedback and Support

We look forward to getting feedback and comments. Please contact us for any queries related to Tizen IVI ARM code release.

  • Bug reporting
  • Mailing list: ivi@lists.tizen.org
  • You may also contact: Purnendu Sinha at p.sinha AT samsung.com