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This page is all about the MediaPlayer, an HTML application created for Tizen IVI to demonstrate various capabilities of the system.

Finding Media

In order for MediaPlayer to find your media it needs to be stored in the correct location. /home/app/content is the current base directory. In the future it will be /home/<username>/content. Music is stored in "Sounds", images in "Images", and videos in "Videos". In order for MediaPlayer to find your files, you need to run 'mediadb_update -r /home/app/content'. Note this has to be done as 'app' not 'root'. After that, you can start up Modello Multimedia Player and you will see your files in the library tab.

Supported Media Types

ogg, ogv, jpg, png

Launching MediaPlayer

To launch MediaPlayer use the command: open_app Modello007.Multimediaplayer

Or just launch it from the Modello Homescreen by tapping the icon.

Voice Control Setup

You will need to do a few things to get voice control working.

 - zypper install speech-recognition (if its not installed already)
 - Plug in a USB microphone (could be a webcam with one built in).
 - Call "pactl list sources | grep Name: | grep usb".
 - Take that output and use it for the "MIKE" line in /etc/sysconfig/speech-recognition.
 - Also add it to the "sphinx.pulsesrc" line of /etc/speech-recognition/speech-recognition.conf.
 - Call "export DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS=unix:path=/run/user/5000/dbus/user_bus_socket" to set up the session bus.
 - Call "systemctl --user start speech-recognition", this gets the speech recognition daemon running.
 - Launch MediaPlayer.  You can use the commands listed in Voice Commands in the next section

Note: You can call dbus-monitor to see the voice commands coming over dbus. If you don't see commands such as "play", "next" etc, then your microphone isn't set up properly. MediaPlayer voice commands will only work if you see commands coming across dbus.

Voice Commands

MediaPlayer supports the voice commands "Play music", "Play next", "Play previous", and "Stop music".

Copying media to your device / SMACK

You can copy media to your IVI device several ways, but keep in mind you need the SMACK label set correctly for it to be playable. To achieve this you need to call (as root) chsmack -a "User" mediaFileName on each file.