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Modello HTML UI

Modello is a proof-of-concept HTML UI designed specifically for IVI. It has several applications that would commonly be found in a vehicle and utilizes a large array of Tizen APIs.


Current package list is as follows: Modello AMB Simulator - review.tizen.org/profile/ivi/Modello_AMBSimulator

Modello App Manager - review.tizen.org/profile/ivi/Modello_Appmanager

Modello Common Package - review.tizen.org/profile/ivi/Modello_Common

Modello Dashboard - review.tizen.org/profile/ivi/Modello_Dashboard

Modello Homescreen - review.tizen.org/profile/ivi/Modello_Homescreen

Modello HVAC - review.tizen.org/profile/ivi/Modello_Hvac

Modello Installer - review.tizen.org/profile/ivi/Modello_Installer

Modello Multimedia Player - review.tizen.org/profile/ivi/Modello_Multimediaplayer

Modello Navigation - review.tizen.org/profile/ivi/Modello_Nav

Modello Phone - review.tizen.org/profile/ivi/Modello_Phone

Modello Smart Device Link - review.tizen.org/profile/ivi/Modello_SDL

Installation on Latest IVI Release

 cat /etc/os-release 
 VERSION="3.0.0 (tizen-3.0-ivi_20150201.3)"
 zypper in tlm-config-ivi-singleseat-modello
 zypper install -t pattern ivi-ux-modello-ui

Edit Wayland 's weston if needed

To remove :

 zypper search tlm
 zypper in tlm-config-ivi-singleseat

Installation for current Crosswalk based images

Starting with Tizen IVI images May 13th 2014 (tizen_20140513.1) and newer, you can simply install the following pattern.

zypper install -t pattern ivi-ux-modello-ui 
Possible issues and fixes

If after installing ivi-ux-modello-ui you don't see any apps listed with app_launcher -l, try:

export DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS="unix:path=/run/user/5000/dbus/user_bus_socket"

if apps look shrunk, you need to remove '--current-mode' from /usr/lib/systemd/user/weston.service

Individual App Installation

If you only want to install a few of the Modello packages, you can do the following from a local terminal (Note: ssh won't work unless you export DBUS_SESSION_BUSS_ADDRESS). Keep in mind the order is important:

1.) zypper install Modello_Common

2.) zypper install Modello_<appName> /* Do this for all the apps you wish to install */

3.) zypper install Modello_Installer-xwalk

Install the Modello specific Weston configuration file
root@ivi_box:~# zypper in weston-ivi-config-modello
Loading repository data...
Reading installed packages...
Resolving package dependencies...
Problem: weston-ivi-config-modello-1-13.1.noarch conflicts with weston-ivi-config provided by weston-ivi-config-1-13.1.noarch
Solution 1: deinstallation of weston-ivi-config-1-13.1.noarch
Solution 2: do not install weston-ivi-config-modello-1-13.1.noarch
Choose from above solutions by number or cancel [1/2/c] (c): 1

Configuring screen resolution and orientation

Add the following configuration lines to /etc/xdg/weston/weston.ini


Note: Update the output interface depending on the platform used. This configuration example is based on Nexcom VTC1010.

Or this version for HDMI touchscreens used at Various Events

# mode=1920x1080@60.0

See video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CKEnofNcgC0

Launching Modello in Crosswalk

List available application IDs

app_launcher -l

Launch an application

app_launcher -s  <app_id>

Launch an application with debug mode

app_launcher -s <app_id> -d

Using AMB Bluemonkey plugin for Dashboard and HVAC testing

https://wiki.tizen.org/wiki/AMB_Bluemonkey_Plugin describes how to setup the AMB Bluemonkey plugin. This is the easiest way to simulate CAN data for Modello. Following this page will allow you to see various Modello pages update their values. Things like speed, battery level, temperature, etc.

Using CAN Simulator plugin for Dashboard and HVAC testing

https://wiki.tizen.org/wiki/AMB_CAN_Simulator_Plugin describes how to setup the AMB can generator and simulator plugins.

Setting up text to speech and voice control

You may need to install the speech-recognition package manually with zypper.

 zypper install speech-recognition

A reboot is then required.

You can find details on how to set everything up here: https://wiki.tizen.org/wiki/IVI/MediaPlayer#Voice_Control_Setup

Unmuting sound

Sound might be muted at startup. Unmute from the weston terminal inside the session. Then run:

pacmd set-sink-mute 0 false