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Multi-seat Setup


Summary and Scope

To setup multi-seat multi-user on IVI box VTC1010.

Use cases

  • Multiple seats can be setup on the IVI device (driver and/or passenger)
  • Each seat can have one user logged in

Setup multiseat on VTC1010

In order to get multiseat setup working, Tlm launches system weston on seat0 with DRM compositor and and launches user westons for seat1 and seat2. Default configuration (tlm-config-ivi-vtc1010) uses genivi user for system weston, and alice for seat1 and bob for seat2.

  • Two usb hubs connected to usb port 1 (front) and port 2 (back)
  • Each usb hub has mouse and keyboard connected (one of them also has USB mass storage which contains the IVI image)
  • One screen is connected to DP1
  • Another screen is connected to VGA1
  • tlm automaticlally login user (from its configuration) on each seat


  • Download latest Tizen IVI Image
  • Build weston package with multiseat enabled on Tizen IVI branch. weston.spec file need to be modified to enable multi-seat as below:
 %if "%{profile}" == "ivi"
 %define extra_config_options4 --disable-default-vkb --enable-transform --enable-multiseat
  • Install the multiseat-enabled weston package to Tizen IVI image: rpm -Uvh --force weston-1.6.0-0.i686.rpm
  • Install multiseat Tlm configuration: zypper in tlm-config-ivi-vtc1010
  • Create alice and bob users and add it to required groups
 gum-utils -a --username=alice --usertype=4
 usermod -A weston-launch,video,audio alice
 gum-utils -a --username=bob --usertype=4
 usermod -A weston-launch,video,audio bob
  • If needed, update udev rules file /etc/udev/rules.d/10-multiseat-vtc1010.rules to match usb hubs' product and vendor ids.
  • Finally reboot!
  • Example multi-user/multi-seat sessions
 root@imran_ivi_box:~# loginctl
 SESSION        UID USER             SEAT            
       c1       2003 alice            seat1           
       c2       2004 bob              seat2

Open Issues

  • crosswalk does not support multi-seat setup
  • multi-seat audio is not supported