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What is UI Component?


In IVI system, if an application wants to be visible during driving, the application must follow the rules and the law. To observe this kind of restriction within the whole system, only trusted applications should be allowed to display during driving. UI-Component is one of UI-FW libraries that are useful for trusted applications, to reduce development cost and time. Specifically, UI-Component watches driving status and if moved to driving mode, reduces information and disables user interaction automatically, if needed. Also, UI-Component watches day/night mode and if moved to another status, automatically changes the theme properly.

UI Component Overview.png


UI Component Architecture.png

Target Components

Element type Drive mode visibility
Text label

Radio Button Check box Tab panel Audio setting panel

Allowed with restriction below:

- If Text label supports text-scrolling, then scrolling is not allowed. (should stop scrolling)

Animation (MNG, GIFanim...) Allowed, but animation should stop. (only still image is allowed)

Accordion list

Allowed with restriction below:
 - 2 value slider is not allowed, only 1 value.
 - Accordion should not be animated.
Anchor and mode transition

Text Input form Dropdown list box Date picker

Not allowed