Installing Web Applications on Tizen:Common and Tizen IVI

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This tutorial demonstrates how to install HTML5 application, packages as wgt files, on devices with Tizen:Common and other Tizen3 profiles as well as how to run installed HTML5 applications using the Crosswalk web runtime.


Follow the instructions below to transfer, install and launch an application to Tizen device or Emulator with Tizen IVI or another Tizen 3 profile based on Tizen:Common:

  1. Make sure that SDB is running on the device. For example, execute the following command as root on the device to start it on port <port>:
    sdbd --listen-port=<port>
  2. Connect to the devices using sdb by executing the following command on a personal computer:
    sdb connect <IP of the Tizen device>:<port>
  3. Verify that the device appears at the list of connected devices:
    sdb devices
  4. Update wgt file to an appropriate directory at the device, for example:
    sdb push <wgt file> /home/bob/
  5. Open a terminal on the device on the behalf of an existing user.
  6. Install the web application by running the following command:
    pkgcmd -i -t wgt -p <wgt file> -q
  7. Verify that the application has been installed successfully and retrieve its ID:
    app_launcher -l
  8. Launch the application using its ID:
    app_launcher -s <Application ID>

The application can be terminated through the command line with the following command:
app_launcher -k <Application ID>


Replace <package> with the corresponding package name of the application and execute the following command in shell to manually uninstall it:

pkgcmd -u -n <package>


You might be unable to install wgt file due to the following issues:

  • The package your installing is using the same id as another package and they conflict. You should uninstall the other package first.
  • The icon reference in config.xml does not map to an image file.