Interface Between Tools-Service and Git-buildpackage

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This document reveals the interface between Tizen tools backend service and gbp.

Function Calling Procedure

1. calls gbp_export().

      def main(argv=None):
              """Main function"""
      # Run GBP
              ret = gbp_export(repo, args, config)
  • Note: In comparison, in GBS's procedure, calls export_sources().
      277     with utils.Workdir(workdir):
      278         export_sources(repo, commit, export_dir, main_spec, args)

2. gbp_export() calls fork_call() after confirming the export target as RPM package.

      128         if args.rpm == 'yes' or (args.rpm == 'auto' and specs_found):
      129   'Exporting RPM packaging files with GBP')
      130             LOGGER.debug('git-buildpackage-rpm args: %s', ' '.join(rpm_args))
      131             import ipdb;ipdb.set_trace()
      132             ret = fork_call(uid, gid, gbp_rpm)(rpm_args)
      133             if ret:
      134                 LOGGER.error('Git-buildpackage-rpm failed, unable to export '
      135                              'RPM packaging files')
      136                 return 2
  • Note: In comparison, in GBS's procedure, export_sources() directly calls
      198 def export_sources(repo, commit, export_dir, spec, args, create_tarball=True):
      205     gbp_args = create_gbp_export_args(repo, commit, export_dir, tmp.path,
      206                                       spec, args, create_tarball=create_tarball)
      207     try:
      208         ret = gbp_build(gbp_args)

3. fork_call() calls partial(), then partial() calls _fork_call.

      118 def fork_call(user, group, func):
      119     """Fork and call a function. The function should return an integer.
      120        Returns a callable that runs the function."""
      121     return partial(_fork_call, user, group, func)

4. _fork_call calls process().

       99 def _fork_call(user, group, func, *args, **kwargs):
       104     # Run function in a child process
       105     data_q = Queue()
       106     import ipdb;ipdb.set_trace()
       107     child = Process(target=_demoted_child_call,
       108                     args=(uid, gid, data_q, partial(func, *args, **kwargs)))

5. process() calls buildpackage_rpm().