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0.12 relaese plan and schedule

  • PM wiki page cleanup
 1. roadmap cleanup
 2. wiki Jenkins documents, design, plan, workflow
 3. update wiki, one new feature, one wiki page, groups submission, pre-release, pre-release deployment steps,
  • Jenkins job code cleanup
 1. git depends on gbp.git 
 2. git operation cleanup  
 3. local .oscrc file depends cleanup, integrate with OSC module in gbs  
 4. submit-obs, policy check cleanup 
 5. gerrit module cleanup, private key issue 

due to Feb 28

Prerelease project support

 1. design & review at Feb 21
 2. repomaker restructure
 3. group build/generate image
 4. imager clean up
 5. repo/image sync

due to Mar 8

Feature freeze, tested in staging env 0.12 released

due to Mar 15

group submission

 1. group build in temp project (0.12)
 2. generate image to include the submissions(0.12)
 3. select changes to build (0.13)
 4. group merge changes to trunk (0.13)

0.13 features

Repomaker replace Imager replace Repodiff for Jenkins Reports for Jenkins Drop the depends on rabbitmq

Workflow chart