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MIC Bootstrap


This documentation is to present how to create mic-bootstrap in technical, it includes baselibs.conf and _aggregate feature on build service.

The package 'mic-bootstrap' is used for mic bootstrap, this package will be repackaged for i586 and arm libs. it provides a x86 bootstrap environment for unified usage, especially to speed up the performance of arm image creation.

As an instance, you can find 'mic-bootstrap' at [#]_. Also you can find 'mic-bootstrap_aggregate' at [#]_.

Workflow of mic-bootstrap.spec

In this section, it will present the main workflow of mic-bootstrap.spec:

- get a list of files to include::

  $ rpm -qla > filestoinclude1

- tar copy to bootstrap directory::

  $ tar -T filestoinclude1 -cpf - | ( cd %buildroot/bootstrap && tar -xpf - )

- generate file list of this rpm::

  $ find %buildroot | sed -e "s#%{buildroot}##g" | uniq | sort > filestoinclude1
  $ for i in `cat filestoinclude1`; do \
  $    if test -h %buildroot/$i || ! test -d %buildroot/$i; then \
  $        echo "$i" >> filestoinclude \
  $    fi \
  $ done

- explicit %files with file list::

  %files -f filestoinclude

Mechanism of baselibs.conf

In this section, it will show the mechanism of baselibs.conf used in mic-bootstrap:

- specify how to handle mic-bootstrap package::

  arch i686 targets armv7l:x86-arm i586:x86-arm aarch64:x86-arm
  arch x86_64 targets armv7l:x86-arm x86_64:x86-arm aarch64:x86-arm
| it means that subsequent package directives i686 and x86_64 will be repackaged to
| armv7l, i586, aarch64 using <targettype>=x86-arm.

- declare a package with targettype directives::

  targettype x86-arm package mic-bootstrap
| it means just to create mic-bootstrap-x86-arm package by repackaging mic-bootstrap.

- allow filtering of the actions applied::

    autoreqprov off
    extension -x86-arm
| 'autoreqprov off' means to limit the provides and requires to only those specified.
| 'extension -x86-arm' means the package name uses 'x86-64' as extension.
| '+/' means all files in %buildroot will be repackaged to new package.

Build Service baselibs.conf

Open Build Service provides a mechanism that by including a file called baselibs.conf in the package sources, it can be instructed to create so-called "bi-arch" packages, so that in 32-bit environments, 32-bit packages need to be created for use with 64-bit environments, and potentially also vice-versa.

See details at [#]_.

Build Service _aggregate

To avoid rebuilds of packages that are just needed as build requirement for other packages or just needed because the Project wants to distribute a complete set of packages for end-users, there is the _aggregate feature in Open Build Service.

See details at [#]_.