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Note: This page is in draft stage and will be modified very frequently in coming days to add more content.

Tizen Mobile Profile


This page will collaborate all information related to Tizen Mobile Profile and its releases.


Tizen 1.0 Platform Release

Tizen 2.0 Platform Release

Tizen 2.1 Platform Release

Tizen 2.2 Platform Release

Tizen 2.2.1 Platform Release

On 9th November, 2013 Tizen platform 2.2.1 source code and SDK released on [] website. There are several enhancements and bug-fixing have been done in present release compared to earlier release. For more detail please refer to release notes at

Tizen 3.0 Mobile Development

Contribution to Tizen

Tizen 3.0 development started and all developers can participate and contribute to it. There are various methods to contribute to tizen, some of them are listed below

  • Report bugs in Jira.
  • Participate in discussion in designated mailing lists.
  • Develop applications (Native or Web) for Tizen using latest released SDK.
  • Contribute to code.
  • Verify daily/weekly/monthly releases using tools provided by tizen.
  • Suggest feature list for Tizen in Jira.
  • etc.

Reference Devices


Mailing List

Most of the discussions about development of Mobile profile beings discussed at mailing list. Before sending or receiving mails in this mailing list, user has to subscribe to this mailing list from [here]. This mailing list is open for all. The view expressed by individual in this mailing list is personal view of participating person. It cannot be termed as official declaration in any way.