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Tizen applications need to have information about media.

The information are:

  • where media are located (ex: /home/ , /usr/share/ ... )
  • what kind of media (ex: picture, movie, music, ...)
  • Where thumbnails are located

The capi-content-media-content provides the API to get and set information about media into a database.

In Tizen 2.x, all information is stored in the same place and in a unique database.

In case of multi-user architecture in Tizen 3 , the media will be located in different directories and information stored in several databases.

The migration to Multi-user will be achieved in 3 phases

  • Phase 1 : one database per user, sharing media is not possible
  • Phase 2 : phase 1 plus thumbnail management and secure communication between CAPI and media-server
  • Phase 3 : phase 2 plus a global database is created to share media between users, adding security

Tizen 2.x

Requests for getting information from database are done by CAPI.

Requests for adding media ( moving, scanning, ... ) are sent by CAPI to media-server.

The Media-server forwards the scan requests from CAPI to media-scanner.

The database is created at the startup of media-server in /usr/dbspace/.media.db

The service media-server, media-scanner and media-thumbnail are launched by root


Tizen 3.x

Phase 1

Main changes:

  • Unix sockets are used to communicate between CAPI and media-server.
  • user UID is used to identify in which database is the information stored.
  • A database is created for the user at the first connection with the label smack "User". Security/Multi_user_policy#Home_directories_of_users
  • The directory content of a user is scan at boot. This directory ($USER/content) is provided by the package tizen-platform-conf with variable TZ_USER_CONTENT see Tizen-platform-config
  • A scan can only be done in user home directory.
  • The information is stored in user database ($USER/.applications/dbspace/.media.db). The path of the database is provided by the package tizen-platform-conf with variable TZ_USER_DB
  • A User can read information in his/her own database.
  • A User asks to media-server to write into his/her own database.
Media-server-multi-user phase 1.png

Jira bug corresponding to the phase 1: TC-1482

Phase 2

Main changes:

  • The thumbnail server can handle formats: JPEG, PNG, BMP and GIF.
  • A User can only read the thumbnail picture. Path of thumbnail is in the database.
  • Thumbnails are stored in home user directory in $USER/data with smack label "User".
  • Secure socket to communicate between CAPI and media-server. see Security/Cynara/ApplicationCredentials#Unix_domain_sockets
  • Add cgroup profile to reduce CPU load of media-server process.

Phase 3

The architecture needs to be defined.

The main purpose of phase 3 will be to share media between users and add security.