New Package Request Process

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New Package Request Process

Adding a new software package to the Tizen stack is a simple process. You will need the following information:

  1. License of the package;
  2. The maintainer, domain and subdomain that the package should belong to;
  3. Where in the git tree this package be located;
  4. A reason for why this package should be included.

Guidelines - In general, we want to introduce packages that drive a feature or bug fix in the Tizen platform.

Approval of the packages are based on whether the architect of the domain will approve your package into inclusion. Once the architect approves, then the SCM architect will create an area specified in the git tree for the package.

To start the process, you will need to create a ticket at with the above information in the ticket. The ticket should be assigned to the architect of the domain.

Please note, to ensure timely and prompt service please make sure you provide all information up front. Specifically, it is important to provide the domain and subdomain.

① Project : Tizen SCM Operation (SO) ② Issue Type : Create Repository ③ Summary : Fill full Git Path to create ④ Fix Version/s : Select Tizen Version (Multiple Selection) ⑤ Component/s : Select Domain/Subdomain of Git Repository ⑥ Submit Type : Select Submit strategy to merge when you click ‘Submit’ button in Gerrit UI ⑦ Licenses : Select License to use (Multiple Selection, Choose ‘ETC’ and write license name in ‘Description’ if there isn’t in list.) ⑧ Owners : Fill person in charge of this Git Repository (Multiple Selection)

   ※ Accounts(login at least once) in Gerrit are available.

⑨ Package Type : Source Code Type ⑩ SPEC file name : Package name to use in Build System ⑪ Description : Purpose to create Repository