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OBS of otctools is used for packages building. For supported targets, there are local sets of packages stored, to reduce dependency on remote build systems in case of networking issues, and in case when remote repositories or mirrors decide to delete files or stop carrying some distributions. The local repositories are kept as projects named Target:Distribution:Version.

Creating a local Target repository


- create a OBS project named Targets:DISTRO:VERSION

- copy project config from build.opensuse.org corresponding project and save

- Fedora note: add variable in project config "Macros:" section (near end), it has been in older releases

but for some reason has been removed later, but some otctools packages (at least bmap-tools) depend on it for naming packages

 %opensuse_bs 1

- create targets in Meta:

 <repository name="standard">

Copy binary packages corresponding to release set, without updates. This is distro-specific.

 Create /srv/obs/build/Targets:DISTRO:VERSION/standard/ARCH/:full/
 Resulting set of packages for ARCH needs to be copied to :full/ directory,

Ubuntu, Debian style:

For Ubuntu, there is helper script import-repo.py which parses Packages list file and copies .deb files from pool.

#!/usr/bin/env python

# import-repo.py oneiric
import sys
import os
import urllib
import urllib2
import bz2


def main(distro, ver, arch):
    mirror_url=mirror_url_base + str(distro)
#    if os.path.exists(dest) == False: 
#        os.makedirs(dest)

    #prepare the director to put the binary.
#    tdest=dest+r'/'+arch
#    if os.path.exists(tdest) == False: 
#        os.mkdir(tdest)

    #get the package list of dist
    for repo in repos:
        if os.path.exists(dest):
        if os.path.exists(tpath) == False: 
    for repo in repos:
#        print 'list file is %s' % list_file
        for line in f:
            words = line.split()
            if len(words) == 2 and words[0] == 'Filename:':
                dest_name = words[1]
                file_name= r'./' + str(repo) + os.path.basename(dest_name)
                file_url =  mirror_url + r'/' + dest_name
                print 'cp %s%s %s' % (mirror_prefix, dest_name,file_name)
#                print '%s' % (dest_name)
#                print 'get %s' % (file_url)
#                urllib.urlretrieve(file_url, file_name)


if __name__=='__main__':
    if len(sys.argv) != 4:
        print 'wrong calling'
#for arch in ['binary-amd64', 'binary-i386']:
        print "example: import-repo.py ubuntu oneiric binary-i386"
    main(sys.argv[1], sys.argv[2], sys.argv[3])
 Most convenient place for running this is on linux-ftp server, or some other
 host which has copy of original repositories. It is of course possible to
 use version of this script which copies Package list and packages from network.

RPM-style distro: example based on openSUSE 12.3

- Copy all i586.rpm files from release: distribution/12.3/repo/oss/suse/i586 to i568/:full directory

- Copy all x86_64.rpm files from release: distribution/12.3/repo/oss/suse/x86_64 to x86_64/:full directory

- Copy all noarch.rpm files from release: distribution/12.3/repo/oss/suse/noarch to x86_64/:full directory

- link (hard of sym link) all noarch.rpm files so that they are also present in i586/:full/

RPM-style distro: example based on Fedora 20

- Copy all i586.rpm files from release repo: to i568/:full directory

 cd /srv/obs/build/Targets:Fedora:20/standard/i586/:full
 rsync -av linux-ftp:/srv/mirror/pub/mirrors/fedora/linux/releases/20/Fedora/i386/os/Packages/?/* .
 # may need few steps here because rsync complians "arg list too long, split using [0-9] [a-l] [m-p] [q-z]
 rsync -av linux-ftp:/srv/mirror/pub/mirrors/fedora/linux/releases/20/Everything/i386/os/Packages/?/* .

- Copy all x86_64.rpm files from release repo:to x86_64/:full directory

 cd /srv/obs/build/Targets:Fedora:20/standard/x86_64/:full
 rsync -av linux-ftp:/srv/mirror/pub/mirrors/fedora/linux/releases/20/Fedora/x86_64/os/Packages/?/* .
 # may need few steps here because rsync complians "arg list too long, split using [0-9] [a-l] [m-p] [q-z]
 rsync -av linux-ftp:/srv/mirror/pub/mirrors/fedora/linux/releases/20/Everything/x86_64/os/Packages/?/* .


- Set all files in local target repos in :full/ owned by obsrun.obsrun

 cd /srv/obs/build/Targets:DISTRO:VER/standard/ARCH/
 chown -R obsrun.obsrun :full

- Trigger re-scan of Target dir (example for openSUSE 12.3):

 obs_admin --rescan-repository Targets:openSUSE:12.3 standard x86_64
 obs_admin --rescan-repository Targets:openSUSE:12.3 standard i586

Similar re-trigger is needed when contents of :full gets changed