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This guide describe creation of and AArch64 Tizen project from scratch on your private OBS instance. There are two main parts of bootstrap process: server-side part and user-side part. Server-side is done once for single OBS server environment — this is importing binary packages with toolchain and toolchain dependencies to a project. We propose to create a single dedicated project without any sources, just with these imported binaries which can be used by other project during build.

Server-side part



Process of creating and enabling of new project is described in details at OBS wiki page. The official manual suggests several approaches to project creation but build.tizen.org project was created using binary import method, so instructions here will describe it.

In order not to damage OBS infrastructure, project bootstrapping should be done accordingly to official manual for your version of OBS environment, this page just shows specific points for Tizen AArch64 project.

Importing binary

First of all the process is described in Binary Import from the web section of manual.

The only difference from official manual is package download path.

Prebuilt Tizen AArch64 binaries could be obtained from https://download.tizen.org/live/devel:/arm_toolchain:/Mobile:/Base/aarch/ so the command you may use:

wget --directory-prefix=/data/imports --reject index.html* --mirror --no-parent --no-host-directories --cut-dirs=8 https://download.tizen.org/live/devel:/arm_toolchain:/Mobile:/Base/aarch/

User-side part

After binaries are imported and handled by OBS you won't need local server access anymore. Now your OBS enviroment is capable of building Tizen packages for AArch64 architecture and has toolchain, emulator and basic libraries set.

This section can be performed using web interface and OBS API by any user with "Administrator" rights in own project.


  • Own or team project with administrator access rights (or OBS-wide rights to create such a project)
  • Packages sources

Project creation

As now you have a working AArch64 toolchain, you may just now go on with OSDev/Using_OBS#Creating own development project]