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Using GBS tool for AArch64 build

Please be noticed that project is now stabilizing and may be inconsistent and fail builds, so please check project config from time to time until project is declared stable. This page only shows how to configure GBS tool for AArch64 build, if you want full manual please refer to gbs page


To use aarch64 build you need to add AArch64 repositories to your gbs.conf file and get a project config to use


buildconf = ${work_dir}/tizen-conf/aarch64_build.conf
obs = obs.tizen
repos = repo.tizen_aarch64
url = https://api.tizen.org
user = xxxx
passwd = xxxx
url = https://download.tizen.org/live/devel:/arm_toolchain:/Mobile:/Tizen_Common/arm64-wayland

project config

As AArch64 project is not officially released yet, project config is not published at download.tizen.org and therefore can't be downloaded by gbs automatically. So user needs to download it and provide it to gbs tool manually. There are two ways to get project config:

With osc tool

Import project config using osc meta

osc meta prjconf devel:arm_toolchain:Mobile:Tizen_Common >  ${work_dir}/tizen-conf/aarch64_build.conf

Using browser

Project config is also available through web-interface, so you may open Project config page and copy config from there.