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Before you begin

This is a getting started page for Tizen developers. We recommend reading the Development Workflow pages first.

Getting access

Developers can register for an account at: https://www.tizen.org/user/register

Set up Your Development Environment

Setup your email address

  • Click the links below to add your email address and active your account:
   Settings (top right) --> Contact Information --> Register New Email...
  • active you email address after you receive the email

Setup SSH/pubkey for Gerrit account

  • Click the links below to set up the Gerrit WebUI (https://review.tizen.org/gerrit).
  • Note: You need to log-in by using the username & password that you have registered earlier.
   Settings (top right) --> SSH Public Keys (let center) --> Add Key...
  • Paste your SSH public key there, and then click Add. What is a SSH key-pair?
  • You can verify your Gerrit connection by executing this command:
   $ ssh -p 29418 <user_id>@review.tizen.org

If your settings are correct, you'll see the message below. If not, check SSH proxy and SSH public key on Gerrit.

   ****    Welcome to Gerrit Code Review    ****

Install tools

There are several additional tools that need to be installed.

Install gbs (git-build-system)

To install the tools, go to GBS. git and osc are installed automatically.

Git Configuration

After the above installation is complete, configure git.

   $ git config --global user.name "First_Name, Last_Name"
   $ git config --global user.email "account@host"
  • It is recommended that you use the same email address for the "user.email" setting that you used for your Gerrit account. Make sure you have developer access first.

Install MIC (Image Creator)

To install the tools, see MIC Usage.

Updating Tizen packages


Tizen source code is managed by Gerrit. You must have a Gerrit account to access it. To get a copy of a package:

$ git clone ssh://<USER_ID>@review.tizen.org:29418/<PROJECT_NAME>


To make changes to the source code and commit those changes to the local git repo:

 edit the source file
$ git add <CHANGED FILES>
$ git commit -m 'Justification for your changes'

Build and Test

Developers are responsible for the quality of their changes. Make sure your changes do not break or block any others. You can create the package by using 'gbs' on the remote OBS server or your local development environment. For example, to build on the remote OBS server:

$ gbs remotebuild

Or build on your local environment:

$ gbs build -R <REPO_URL> -A ARCH .....

For detailed usage about GBS, see GBS Usage.


When you think your changes are ready to be published, submit the changes to Gerrit for review. Reviewers will review and merge them into the central repo.

Submit changes to Gerrit by:

$ git push ssh://<USER_ID>@review.tizen.org:29418/<PROJECT_NAME> HEAD:refs/for/master


SSH key-pair

If you don't have an SSH key-pair, you can create one:

   $ ssh-keygen [-t dsa] -C "Your name <your_email>" -f ~/.ssh/<key file>

After pressing the Enter key at several prompts, an SSH key-pair is created in ~/.ssh/. ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub or id_dsa.pub is your SSH public key. Key type "dsa" is preferred for security purposes.

  • Replace <key file> with the name of the identity you want to use.


If gbs can't access the remote server during execution, such as gbs build, make sure the proxy settings are correct for your environment.

If you run gbs in debug or verbose mode, you'll get these messages:

$ gbs -d/--debug subcommand
$ gbs -v/--verbose subcommand