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Using OBS to build AArch64 Tizen application

This manual describes work with Official Tizen OBS

At the moment porting Tizen onto AArch64 architecture is in progress but base set of packages needed for build is nearly complete. This set is placed in devel:arm_toolchain:Mobile:Base project and could be connected to any project developer wants to use.

osc tool is commonly used to interact with OBS servers, you can install it using your OS package manager. First of all you will need Tizen tool repository enabled like it described in Developer Guide. And then you may just install osc tool

# Ubuntu example
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install osc

Current status

Now we have a working toolchain and development tools in devel:arm_toolchain:Mobile:Base project which you may use to build your software and almost the whole Tizen:Common in devel:arm_toolchain:Mobile:Main project.

There are still some problems with a few packages listed at OSDev/AArch64_porting status page.

The firmware can be built using mic tool and booted up using ARM64 simulator like ARM FastModels.

Creating own development project

This manual describes project creation at build.tizen.org OBS. If you want to set up your dedicated instance, please read OSDev/Creating_AArch64_Project page.

If you want to use current AArch64 toolchain you may create your own (home or team) project in OBS. Two things are needed to do that: tizen.org account and OBS access permission.

Then there are three steps to use binaries.

  1. Add aarch64 architecture to your project: either through web interface "Repositories" section or by adding tags to Meta info directly.
  2. Edit project Meta at https://build.tizen.org/project/meta?project=PRJ and add link to devel:arm_toolchain:Mobile:Main with <path project="devel:arm_toolchain:Mobile:Base" repository="aarch"/> line. You may see example at devel:arm_toolchain:Mobile:Main Meta page.
  3. Add project config and tune your project for your needs. Example of project config for Tizen AArch64 can be seen at devel:arm_toolchain:Mobile:Main.
  4. Switch on build for aarch64 in Repositories section of your project

After changes are performed Project Meta page should have something like this:

<repository name="AArch">
<path project="devel:arm_toolchain:Mobile:Main" repository="aarch"/>

After these actions OBS should start building your packages for AArch64 using prebuilt toolchain.

At the moment this toolchain should be enough for building daemons or console applications.

Now you may upload a package you want to build using osc tool. For example if you want to build your own bash package you may copy it from Tizen:Mobile and build for AArch64 in your project

$ osc copypac Tizen:Mobile bash YourTeam:YourProject bash

And the you may look at build process in web interface.

For local build using osc:

$ osc co YourTeam:YourProject bash
$ cd YourTeam:YourProject/bash
$ osc build AArch aarch64

If you want to create new package you may use

$ osc mkpac pkg
$ cd pkg
$ # placing sources and .spec file:
$ cp /home/developer/pkg/{pkg-1.0.tar.gz,pkg.spec} .
$ osc ar
$ osc commit -m 'Initial commit'
$ osc rebuild

And then wait until build finishes.