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CMake has been updated in Tizen 5 to 3.9 (previous: 2.8.x), and some policies were updated.

If your CMake-based application build fails for Tizen 5.5 please check build log for CMake warning messages. It's better to rewrite script for new version of CMake, but as a temporary solution you might try to use


Where XXXX is policy number and restore old behavior. This is not very reliable, but might work.

Most interesting policies with behavior changes

  • CMP0046: Error on non-existent dependency in add_dependencies. This may break code with non-existent dependencies.
  • CMP0053: Simplify variable reference and escape sequence evaluation. This may break existing code with variables (e.g. some dependency-tracking scripts)
  • CMP0054: Only interpret if() arguments as variables or keywords when unquoted. This may break some old-style if() blocks