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This document provides information about the package dependency of GBS, including the following:

  • How many packages related for GBS?
  • What's the dependency of them?
  • Which packages are developed by us, and which are from upstream?

Packages Related For GBS

This section describes the packages related for GBS, including the following:

  • How to find the packages related for GBS?
  • Package list for GBS

How To Find The Packages Related For GBS

The automated testing for installing and upgrading GBS is performed regularly in Jenkins, the packages related for GBS can be found in the test result.

Take Ubuntu_13.10-x86_64 system for example. To find the packages related, refer to `HTML Report`_.

Package List For GBS

Open the HTML report in Jenkins. Find the dependency table. The packages related for GBS is shown.

A package list example for Ubuntu_13.10-x86_64 system is shown below.

|Package Number|Package Name                          |
|     1        | gbs                                  |
|     2        | depanneur                            |
|     3        | git-buildpackage                     |
|     4        | build                                |
|     5        | qemu-arm-static                      |
|     6        | osc                                  |
|     7        | createrepo                           |
|     8        | pristine-tar                         |
|     9        | librpm-tizen                         |
|    10        | deltarpm                             |
|    11        | pbzip2                               |
|    12        | libcrypt-ssleay-perl                 |

Packages Dependency Of GBS

This section describes packages dependency of GBS, including the follwing:

  • How to check the dependency of the packages?
  • How to analyze the provide information?
  • How many types of packages dependency?
  • Packages dependency of GBS.

How To Check The Dependency Of The Packages

The following two methods can be used to check the packages dependency.

1. To check the dependency of the packages, packaging technical should be used. In debian based system, use command ‘dpkg -s < package name > In RPM based system, use command ‘rpm -q –requires < package name >’.

  An example is shown below:
       $ dpkg -s gbs
       Depends: python (>= 2.6), python-support (>= 0.90.0), python-pycurl,
       sudo, osc (>= 0.139.0), git-buildpackage-rpm (>= 0.6.8
       -tizen20140521), gbs-api (= 0.22), gbs-export (= 0.22), gbs-
       remotebuild (= 0.22), depanneur (>= 0.13)

2. Download the projects related GBS, find the dependency in the SPEC file for RPM based system or in the CONTROL file for debian based system.

  An example for RPM based system is shown below:
      $ git clone <Project_Path>
      $ vi <Project_Name>/packaging/project_name.spec
  An example for debian based system is shown below:
       $ git clone <Project_Path>
       $ vi <Project_Name>/debian/control

Between the two methods, we recommend Method 2.

How To Analyze The Provide Information

An example about `build` package for RPM based system is shown below.

   $ cat build/packaging/build.spec
   Name:           build
   Requires:       bash
   Requires:       perl
   Requires:       binutils
   Requires:       tar
   Requires:       perl(LWP::Protocol::https)
   Requires:       perl(LWP::UserAgent)
   Requires:       perl(Crypt::SSLeay)
   Requires:       perl(XML::Parser)
   Requires:       perl(Archive::Tar)
   Requires:       tizen-qemu-arm-static >= 2013.12.12
   Requires:       perl-Crypt-SSLeay >= 0.64-tizen20130308
   %if 0%{?fedora_version} || 0%{?suse_version} == 1220
   || 0%{?centos_version}
   Requires:       rpm-build
   Requires:       rpm
   %if 0%{?suse_version} > 1120 || ! 0%{?suse_version}
   %package mkbaselibs
   %package mkdrpms
   %package initvm-%{initvm_arch}
   Requires:       build
   Provides:       tizen-build-initvm-%{initvm_arch} = 20140612

In the spec file above, the `Requires` information shows which packages are required by `build` package.

Pay attention to the `%package` information. All these information shows the sub-packages provided by `build` package.

How Many Types Of Packages Dependency

An example about `depanneur` package for debian based system is shown below:

  $ cat depanneur/debian/control
    Depends: ${perl:Depends},
    build (>= 2013.11.12-tizen20140227),
    createrepo (>= 0.9.8),

There are three types of packages dependency above.

  • Packages `libyaml-perl`, `libjson-perl` and `libhtml-template-perl`, whose names are shown as only `package-name`.
 The first type of package can be ignore when analyzing package dependency, as these packages are often stable and not require special versions.
  • Package `createrepo (>= 0.9.8)`, whose names are shown as `package-name` + `package-version`.
 The second type of package should pay attention to its version, as the special version is required.
  • Package `build (>= 2013.11.12-tizen20140227)`, whose names are shown as `package-name` + `package-version` + `tizen-version`.
 Great importance should be attached to the last type of packages. 
 These packages often have been development by us or added new features for Tizen. 
 The special based package version and the special tizen version are required.

Packages Dependency Of GBS

  • Packages dependency of GBS build.
  • Packages dependency of GBS remote build.
  • Packages dependency of GBS export.

The Ddependency Graph

This section shows a single graph of packages dependency of GBS. In the graph, green blocks show the packages developed by us red blocks show the packages not developed by us, and other white blocks show packages not developed but modified by us from upstream.